Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Capsule Wardrobe

Hi, it's me again. Yes, I'm blogging despite being exhausted.  I attribute this urge to blog as my brain trying to keep my body awake.  I do not know why children still are.  We've been dealing with a case of the stomach flu this week.  I'm fully expecting to be tweeting when I get it.  Probably Thursday.  Which would be unfortunate, but this is the nature of things.  Anywho...please be aware that there may be many more spelling errors and grammar mistakes than normal.  Okay? M'kay.

As you know I've been diligently trying to loose weight.  It is a struggle.  But yesterday I looked at myself in the bathroom (naked that is) and thought "wow, I can really see where my abdominal muscles have separated more clearly.  I wonder...have a lost a few pounds?" For those of you who don't know, it's normal for women's abs to separate during pregnancy to make room for the baby.  But they don't always go back together the way they were before and sometimes, like me, you get a dent at the bottom of your belly.  The only way to correct this separation is surgery.  And I'm not that vain nor do I have a legit medical reason to go seek out surgical correction.  So there's a permanent dent to go along with my stretch marks.  Alright? It's at the bottom so it's hard to see with the pudge up top.

End of digression.

Well low and behold my scale declares that I've lost some weight.  My scale is terrible.  It's not accurate at all, which is why I use the gym's scale.  But since my children are sick and I am tired....you understand why I used the crummy scale instead.  My guess is that I've lost 5 pounds, which would be exciting since I haven't lost a single pound since January.  (I've fluctuated but that doesn't count).

Add to that that I'm getting really bored with my wardrobe, which is weird to me.  Because 1)I'm southern. We use the philosophy: wear it out, make do, or live without.  2) I'm not a fashionista at all. Not even in Catholic circles.  Granted I love to look at what others are wearing and I like clothes, but I didn't grow up with appearance being important.

So between possible weight loss (a dress size would be nice) and this desire to revamp my wardrobe I feel guilt.

Oh, yes, Catholic guilt.  It's stupid but it's there to create a balance.  Do we need clothes?  Yes, for modesty's sake.  Do we need nice clothes?  Yes, having presentable clothes I believe is important.  Even the Bible talks about this.  I'm not talking about designer clothes.  I mean, as one lady said when discussing her book about being an foreign student in France, clothes that do not have holes in them.  Clothes that are not encrusted with gunk- baby spit up, arm pit sweat, food, and so forth.  Clothes that don't have bleach marks or other permanent stains.  Clothes that actually fit and present you in your best light. 

But I'm Southern and Catholic so it seems counter-intuitive to my natural inclination to poverty to care about appearances.  That's wrong.  Oh, so wrong.  We must balance.  I can live with little but with quality.  That's most important.  Even nuns do not keep wearing the same habit if it's irreparable.  They would replace it.  Why cannot I replace my mom uniform from time to time too?

So this is where the wardrobe capsule comes in.  I am helpless about styling myself.  If you looked in my closet right now, you would see a vintage 60s blue blazer hanging next to a brown corduroy one that I keep justifying keeping because my best friend in highschool gave it to me.  I've got a skirt that I should probably replace because there are holes/fraying forming where the vents are.  I've got pilling on shirts.  And I've got a shirt that I love but it only matches one bottom.  It's a disaster.

Ideally I would go through the whole wardrobe and discard like mad, but realistically I can only afford to do a little at a time.

Some people love the wardrobe capsule because they've discovered that their closet is crammed with stuff.  I'm not one of these people.  My problem is that I love what I've got too much to part with it or inclination turns towards wearing the item out before chucking it.  Thus my wardrobe looks like a menagerie of different styles.  It's cohesive in having particular outfits, but you can't mix and match too much.  This is stupid.  If I'm going for less, I'm definitely not getting more out it.

So what does a wardrobe capsule do?  Well it reduces the amount of clothes you are wearing to a select core few.  And you can change this up season to season.  This makes sense because we do this anyway.  I live in Arizona; I have basically two seasons.  So I don't need a pair of snow boots or a winter overcoat anymore.  In case you are curious, I knew that before the move and discarded them both.  Other people might need more seasonal stuff.  Others might have a casual wardrobe for home and one for the office depending on what they do for a living.  You decide what kind of capsule you need and you work with that instead of randomly discarding items only to discover as I have that you really have a matching problem.

So once you figure out what your needs are- mine are a Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter- then you design them.  Just like painting a house or cultivating a garden, you start with a type of style and a color scheme to go with it.  The color is important because it helps you mix and match better.  You should have a basic staple color or two like brown, black, white, or grey.  And then have two or three other colors.  Having outliers like for special occasions is okay so long as it's one or two things. My goal is to have a different color scheme for my Spring/Summer mix then my Fall/Winter mix.

Now normal people already sort of have a base color for a particular season.  Maybe you have a lot of pastels and white as a base color for your Spring capsule.  Then in the summer you may keep your white base and substitute some more nautical colors like navy and red.

But this is my closet currently.  Brown, black, white, and grey.  For Spring/Summer I have a green shirt, a golden yellow, one black, one red, two pinks, two purples, two blues.  And those are just the shirts.  It's horrific.  And doing a disservice to me, which is probably why I'm sick of my clothes.  Not that I again dislike the individual pieces.  It's just they don't meld.

It would be easier if I already had something I was leaning towards in my closet, but it's not.  So I'm making a gut decision about my choices and plan on slowly culling out the stuff in my closet that doesn't fit into that pattern.  For now, I've decided that Spring/Summer will be brown based and have green, pink, and blue colors.  I'm having trouble giving up the purple because I like the purple.  So maybe I'll change my mine and be blue, purple, and green.  Then again my favorite color is red, but I have two things that are red.  Starting to see the problem?

Fall/Winter will be easier.  I'm thinking that black will be the base, but I'm having trouble on another base.  I'm leaning towards grey because that's the color of my coat and some other pieces, but I just bought some brown winter shoes which I guess I can wear during Spring/Summer.  *sigh* The accent colors would be red, purple, and blue.

It's funny how I see how this problem became.  I can't stick to an accent color in one capsule and I can't stick to a base in another.

So how does your wardrobe look?  Hopefully not as haphazard as mine.

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