Monday, June 20, 2016

I didn't lose 5 pounds

Today I was able to finally hit the gym.  Last week everyone was sick so my workout consisted of multiple changes of sheets and laundry.  The week before I spent a great deal of time with my in laws and was only able to hit the gym once.  Although we did spend the week doing a lot of walking.  Needless to say I did a double take when I stepped onto the more accurate scale at the gym.

Wait...let me fiddle with that some more because that can't be right.  *slides it down a bit more*  Really?  Seriously?  

I didn't lose 5 pounds because I actually lost 10.  *Does cabbage patch*

Ah, heck let's add some hammer time in there too.

Great right?  I was 146.  Now I'm 136.  So I'm back into the normal BMI.  I would like to be somewhere between 120-130.  So still some work to do.  But all those boring salads that I wanted to scream over eating was so worth it.  I feel great.  And next Sunday I get to add back in complex carbs.  I'm a little nervous over doing that as I don't want to carb overload and thus gain back the weight.  So the goal is to eat salads for lunch and have soup once a week.  And sparingly have carbs like a piece of toast for breakfast and maybe 1/2 cup of brown rice for dinner.

So how was your weekend?  Any exciting news?  Have a good Father's day?  We didn't do much.  The kiddos were hyper after being down for a while.  Leave a comment.


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