Monday, June 13, 2016

Stop Blaming Christians

If you haven't heard by now, there was a tragic mass shooting at a gay night club in Orlando Florida.  And according to ACLU and prominent LGBT groups/persons Christians are to blame.  This is totally incorrect.  Let me explain why.

1) The shooter was a male Muslim who pledged himself to ISIS/ISIL.  He was not a Christian.  He was a radicalized Muslim not even a radicalized Christian. 

2) Gay people are also Christian.  I've had numerous conversations with LGBT people who have said that being Christian and gay is not mutually exclusive.  And they are correct.  Steve Gershom (pseudonym) is a gay Catholic blogger.  Eve Tushnet is a prominent lesbian Catholic. 

3) In other news alcoholics can be Catholics. Adulterers can be Catholics.  Thieves can be Catholics.  We are all sinners and deal with a cross for not giving into our desires.  Sometimes we slip up.  But we don't have ticker tape parades for alcoholics.  Most people frown on open relationships.  And we jail thieves.  This isn't because we hate people.  It's because bad behavior has to be kept in check either by the person themselves or by society.  Many many many LGBT persons try to justify bad/immoral behavior to the point of desiring others to except this bad behavior.  But just like an alcoholic who falls off the wagon, it isn't going to happen.  If you truly love the alcoholic or the LGBT person you would come along side them and charitably try to guide them back to Christ and on the wagon. This means condemning LGBT behavior and drinking.  #SorryNotSorry  Souls are at stake here.  We want to convert you/reconcile you and not murder you.  Murder ends the whole saving-your-soul thing.  It's counterproductive for Christians to do that not to mention immoral.

4) The ACLU blamed the shooting on legislation against LGBT people.  Most of that legislation is actually to protect businesses and individuals who are religious.  And by religious I'm talking about Christians who are peacefully operating a business in accordance with their own ethics code which all businesses have.  Having an ethics code is a good thing.  A business who operates solely for the profit regardless of how it effects employees or the environment is a bad thing yes?  So we should be encouraging business owners to have business ethics yes?  I don't agree with Starbucks's business ethics or American Apparel's, but I'm glad they have something in place.  Nobody is banning either from contributing to whatever charity they want or offering whatever benefits package to their employees that they want.  Why cannot the same be said of Christians?

5) It won't effect you, they said.  That is until the LGBT people started passing discrimination legislation.  If you truly wanted Christians to not start fighting for their rights to practice their faith any and everywhere, why did you pick a fight specifically with Christians?  Why bother Christians about something they haven't even done as in the case of Mystic Pizza?  If we were left alone, then the legislation back lash would never have happened. 

6)  I've read books about anti-Catholicism and anti-Christianity in general.  And you know why there are so many Christian martyrs and victims of violence?  It's because Christians are easy targets.  Generally speaking it's rare that we strike back as a whole or as individuals.  People have to start pulling out various individuals or groups from hundreds of years ago to show Christian violence.  You don't have to go that far back when looking for atheists or Muslims as groups or individuals. 

7) And yet somehow the topic turned to blaming Christians and syncing it up with violence surrounding abortion.  As I said, it's extremely rare.  The last shooter couldn't stand trial because he was so mental.  Christians condemned the act as being entirely un-Christian.  But what does abortion have to do with targeting LGBT gay bars for mass murder?  Saying stuff like that is grasping at straws.

I get that people are angry and upset and want to blame someone.  And Christians are an easy soft target because we won't murder you.  Blaming ISIS or radicalized Islam will.  Maybe you should ask yourself why the ACLU et al. are taking the path of least resistance.  Maybe you shouldn't head in the same direction and instead place the blame squarely where it belongs- with the shooter and the group who shared his thirst for violence.  Stop blaming Christians.


  1. I have been sitting on this one for about a day... and hope I do a decent response justice here...

    It's interesting how the responses you get on this can vary by who you're around. I've heard a few other people say they're hearing similar to what you're saying. I don't doubt there is some to a lot of it. It hasn't been what I've seen.

    I'm going to break what I've seen into groups. Muslims, Christians and LGBT. Keep in mind (like you said) a good number of that last group are Christians... I don't personally know any Muslims that are, though I know they exist. I almost put allies in that group, but decided it would be unfair to the Christian set. Most/all of the athiests I know fall into the LGBT group so I don't feel like I can give a seperate account of what I've seen from them for obvoious reasons.

    The Muslims I know - Immediately posted their shock and dismay. Praying. Saying they didn't know how this could happen. Blaming homophobia. Posting ways to help victims and their families.

    The Christians broke into 3 groups.

    1. They also posted prayers, pictures, info, etc... similiar to group above. All but one of these people are known allies that are extremely active with the LGBT community. That one person that isn't (and I know her personally, she's outspoken against) posted one small status praying for victims and their families.

    Groups 2 and 3 were silent for an entire day after. I assumed it being a Sunday at first...

    2 started sharing lots of posts about people trying to take their guns. Anti Obama posts. Anti any Muslim posts. A couple posted and commented that it was not homophobia (despite it being a gay bar, despite the man being a closeted and self hating), that it was just an attack on America. They argued the flag being flown. One chose Sunday afternoon to post a joke about a woman blowing a man's head off in a restroom. Note: she posts bible verses all day long.

    3. The third group has remained silent. I'm not counting certain people in this group... the ones that normally remain silent for one reason or another... but ones that normally do post. One's I've seen change their profile pictures in the past for every other thing. Not. One. Word. They posted other things... They've been online. Nothing here.

    The LGBT group is obviously more vocal. How everyone is feeling, how to help, etc. The Christians praying. The athiests... not praying. The worst I've seen from them against Christians wasn't until Monday afternoon or so... not blaming us, but a few "prayers and thoughts aren't worth anything" (I disagree, but i get they want more action). Mostly though it was pointing out the hypocrisy of groups 2 and 3. Things I'd noticed myself. Things I was already upset about myself.

    The blame I've seen. 98% has been aimed at him. I've seen his father mentioned once or twice. And as of today I've seen a few posts aimed at homophobes in general... and even those mentioned him being to blame as well.

    Point being, not everyone is blaming Christians. And while yes it's very true that gay people can be Christian, not every Christian agrees with that.. sadly I've seen several posts by "preachers" saying the man was right... which is probably what fuels the fire for the people you're hearing from.

  2. Sorry if this was a bit confusing, but I was focusing on public figures and publicly active groups. The ACLU's statement and statements from people like Sandy Kohn more specifically.

    Do I think that all people are blaming Christians? No, certainly not. I think the vast majority of people are not. However very far leaning left wing groups/newspapers are looking for a reason to stop this sort of violence. Instead of blaming it on the shooter's ideology, they are blaming it on the psuedo-idology that Muslims and Christians share. Mainly that both groups are intolerant of gay behavior. But that's not the same thing as saying gay people should die. Of Christians it's an extremely small group that feel that way whereas among Muslims is growing to significant numbers world wide. In any case (regardless of your religion) the idea that murder is justified should be quashed. That's what we should be pin pointing. Instead the left is equating not wanting to bake a cake with a shooting. It's not the same thing by far.


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