Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Cleaning Hacks for Lazy Slobs Like Me

Hi, my pseudonym is Delta, and I am a slob.  Like a huge slob.  As in my mother was disturbed by piles of clothing on the floor and never making up my bed, and my mother is not a neat person either.  My husband was equally disturbed by my lack of regular cleaning of dishes (I lacked a dishwasher) and taking out of trash when I lived on my own.

But just today my husband was all like "you need to slow down. You are getting more of a neat freak than I am."

Why, thank you, dear.

He wanted to know why all the sudden I've reversed course and went from slob to cleaning freak.  Well, buckle up because I'm about to tell you and it's a wild ride.

1) Get inspired- Seriously.  This Sunday is my birthday and I'm getting way too old to be expecting other people to be handling stuff for me.  This includes my cleaning habits.  If your mother's way of living is not for you, ditch it. I love youtube because there are thousands of videos out there helping you to find better, faster means of cleaning stuff.  They help you organize your house so that you can clean less.  Also looking at pictures of people's houses helps too.  I've gotten into this "I'm waiting for my forever house before I do anything" mind set.  Folks, this is dumb.  I'm getting too old.  Time to just make what I'm living in now work for me.

2) Make up you bed- Yeah, I know.  It's an oh, so simple way to straighten up your room instantly and see what other things need to be put away too.

3) Put everything away after you've used it- Stop making excuses about putting it away later.  Do it now.  Stop leaving your stuff on the floor.  Go and hang it up.

4) Get as much stuff off the floor and counter tops as possible- If you haven't got a place to hang it up, go and buy something.  You can find stuff that hangs on the back of doors or that can be wall mounted.  There is no reason for you're designated spot for your purse to be the floor even inside your closet.  At least get a box for St. Pete's sake!  My husband made his remarks after I put away the dishes from the drying rack and then hung the drying rack (with the towel wrapped inside) on a nail on a cabinet.  It's a Shaker thing to make everything able to hang up so you can easily clean the floor.  Use this hack.  It's awesome.  You will no longer need to move stuff when you vacuum, sweep, or wipe down.  It will be out of the way already.

5) Put a laundry hamper where your laundry usually ends up.-  Sometimes this is difficult if you have a tiny bathroom so try hanging up a laundry bag from an over-the-door bathroom hook instead.  10 bonus points for having something off the floor.  If you've got the space or a large family, a laundry hamper is best.

6) Don't wash anything until it's actually dirty- Not only will this save you money on the costs of soap and electricity, you will also save money on clothing.  Clothing lasts longer if you don't wash it as much.  Instead hang up your slightly used item and re-wear it a few more times.

7) Have plenty of trash cans- We have a trash can in every bathroom, the kitchen, and the office.  These are our high traffic areas for accumulations of trash and we live in a small house.  So make sure you have enough in those areas. 

8) Always have something in your hand when changing rooms- This is a hack that my husband got from his grandmother.  Got a dish in the room you're in?  Pick it up and move it to the kitchen.  Found a sock in the hallway?  Pick it up too.  The more you do this as you go about your day, the less you will have to deal with at night. 

9) Get your children in the habit of tidying up as they go along- Why wait until the end of the day?  If you are about to have lunch or go to an appointment, make sure you have enough time for them to clean up before the next activity.  It's less overwhelming for children to clean up a little at the time frequently then a lot all at once.  This includes cleaning up bath toys.  We have a basket that I keep under the sink.  They only get a select few and must clean those up or forfeit using the toys next bath time. 

10) Have a place for everything- Last post was all about visual clutter and this is related to that.  Try and keep everything behind something and make sure it has a place.  If it doesn't have a place, consider it time to declutter.  Organize your house so that there way is no excuses for not putting the item back into it's place.

11) Have a cleaning routine- Maybe you do dishes at night or in the morning.  Maybe you sweep in the morning and vacuum at night.  Maybe you do laundry once a day or on Mondays.  You have to decide what it is and stick to it.  Mentally tell yourself to stick it out for a month.  Then reevaluate.  If it's not working for you, then change it up.  Find something that you can live with and know that you must do regardless of whatever excuse you may make.

12) Declutter- The less stuff you have, the less places you need to put it, the less space you need, and the less cleaning you will do.  I never want a large house.  The sheer thought of having to clean 2,000 square feet is just daunting.  Plus I don't want to spend all my day cleaning stuff.  I want to take a couple hours a day cleaning and then be done with it.  (Keep in mind I'm a stay-at-home mom so I do a lot more cleaning because people are home messing up my house). 

So there you have it.  Those are my hacks.

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