Monday, July 25, 2016

Selling Some Preschool Curriculums

Knee starts religious education in the Fall, and we already have a home school curriculum that I like in place.  Since I'm cleaning out my place of things that I don't need, I've got a few packaged curriculums for sale.  I'm going to sell them here on the blog first rather than through some place like ebay which takes a cut.

Update: Linking them up to Shower of Roses 6th Annual Curriculum Sale Blog Hop

Here's the bonus for you- If you list the sale on your blog or social media site and send me the link, I will pay for the cost of shipping the item or items to you.  So the listed cost or the agreed upon cost is the only cost to you.

Secondly, these prices aren't fixed.  If you want to haggle with me, that's perfectly fine.

Catholic ABC's
by Lacy Ribdeau
She has the blog Catholic Icing.
Price: $30- Sold
Barely Used.

Little Saints
by Cynthia A Blum
Price:$30 Sold
There's a slight tear on the cover at the binding. There are some pencil marks inside the teacher book.  I colored in three pages in the packet.  Other than that- it's in good condition. 

If you are interested in one or both of the curriculum's, go ahead and e-mail me at REDACTED.  Please put something like "curriculum sale" in the subject line so I'll see your e-mail.


Update:  Thanks so much.  I was able to sell everything.

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