Friday, July 1, 2016

Vlog #2

Show Notes
Fortnight for Freedom
Also forgot to mention that buying relics is a big no no.  If a seller is selling relics, then you'll probably want to inform them about what they are doing is wrong, or it could be that these aren't authentic relics.  It is perfectly fine to be asked to pay for postage of a relic, but that should be the only thing. 

It is the same with blessed objects.  Occasionally I find religious items in places like Good Will. These include statues, crucifixes, rosaries, icons, Bibles, and even chapel veils. I tend to think these items are either 1)not blessed therefore okay for purchase or 2) err on the side of caution and purchase the item just in case to keep the possibly-blessed item safe.  It's up to your discretion, but I realize a lot of relatives have no idea and just donate items of deceased family members that will be re-sold. 

You can't sell relics or blessed items.  And you should tell this to your relatives or put it in your will.  Such items should be given away like to family members or a church.  And if the item is in bad shape, you must either repair it, bury it, or burn it.  So burn/bury you old palm leaves from Palm Sunday.  Public Service Announcement over. 

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