Wednesday, August 24, 2016

All Good Things...All Good Things...

I feel I've been repeating Olaf's line from Frozen a little too much lately.  Different contexts though.  In Olaf's case he's dealing with a Snow Monster and he tells the guy that he's just been talking about him and it's "all good things."  In my case I've been talking to so many people this week that I'm getting more stressed than usual.  It's all good things, but it doesn't make it less stressful.

So here's the update on Knee's end (if you are interested in what's going on with HB, scroll down). 

Yesterday Knee and I had a meeting.  Knee, thankfully, doesn't have any cognitive delays.  Most everyone is pretty confident of that.  He does, however, have a speech issue, which I already knew.  It's bad enough to warrant intervention.  I was given two options: 1) to bring him in once a week to do speech therapy for half an hour with the speech pathologist at HB's school or 2) enroll him in headstart and he gets the same treatment with a different therapist but one with the district.  I opted for the second option because I think preschool would be good for him and we had previously signed up for headstart but were on a wait list.  Without him having an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) and not being poor enough, there's a list.  But since he's now got an IEP, it moves him up.

Ironic, no, that he has an IEP and his autistic brother doesn't.  But I digress.

Moves him up so fast that he's probably going to start on Friday or Tuesday.

Yes, this is great but it leaves me in a tizzy because....there's a lot of medical stuff involved.  Not the obvious medical stuff such as him having a speech delay, but nutty stuff for example since he's lived out of the country he might need a Tuberculosis Test. 

Yes, a TB test.  On a 4 year old.  To put it into context, I had to get a TB test for employment in a day care.  The children didn't.  HB, whose a 1st grader, didn't either.  But my 4 year old requires one.  I don't get it either.

Fortunately if the doctor thinks it's as ridiculous to test a child who exhibits zero signs of TB and has lived in the US now for a year, he'll only need to have a form filled out stating that it's not needed. 

He also needs to have had a physical which we did about two months ago so it's really just a paper work issue.  And he needs a dental exam.  What his teeth has to do with his ability to be in a classroom I do not know.  Your guess is as good as mine.  Fortunately he has another set of fillings in September and the receptionist said I could just bring the form along.

And this is the federal government for you.  TB tests on 3 and 4 year old and dental exams to go to school. 

All good things...all good things....  He'll start sometime very soon.

And now to figure out how to juggle because each child is in a different school so that's going to make pick-up and drop-off sketchy.  I already warned my husband that he may have to drop off Knee on his way to work.  But it's going to be fun times on half days like next week where HB and Knee (he may just get the whole day off) get out at noon.  I may just have to get Knee early. 

But I'm not going to focus on that yet because that would just make my blood pressure go through the roof. 

No, I've not had a shower yet and it's lunch time.  Stress so much stress, but all good things. Right?

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