Thursday, August 25, 2016

Squeaky Wheel

I'm trying to take it easy because it a little bit I have a phone interview with a State affiliated therapy thingy for HB.  My nerves are shot and my house is a mess, but I'm hanging in there.

For a year now, me and the various cross guards have been complaining about how bad our crossing area is at the front of the school.  There have been near misses and very bad traffic violations going on.  Crossing guards have been terrified out of their minds and I as a parent have dreaded that intersection too.  Not to mention the parking lot where I observed this year someone bumping cars together (nothing serious thankfully).

After discussing it, I took the initiative on my own to contact the county who regulates the traffic in the area on Tuesday.  "What do I need to do to get a crossing light?" I asked.  "Do I need to go before the board of supervisors?  Get a ballot initiative?  Who do I talk to?"  The person who took my call was giving me a little run around but sent me over to transportation who then said the department I needed was traffic and engineering.

And they have a filing system.  So the lady kindly took my complaint and gave me a number and took my information.

This morning while we were crossing there was a man from the department in an orange vest observing the intersection.  I almost jumped for joy.  After he left I told the crossing guard that I had called the county and asked her if she was bothered by that at all.  "No," she said.  "They need to know. Someone needed to tell them.  Something does need to change and hopefully it will."

A little while later I got a phone call (I'm so sick of these but that's the nature of my life at the moment).  It was the engineer.  Bless him.  He said he took a look at the intersection and agreed that there needs to be some changes.  He observed that the curb there is too high for anyone with wheels to try and cross at the cross walk too.  He mentioned my little red wagon.  I told him that that was me, but there's also parents with strollers and a lady who is wheel chair bound.  She has to move down the parking lane in order to cross over there.

So hopefully there will be someone out there soon smoothing out the curb into a ramp and some sort of traffic update to fix the area.  Like maybe a crossing light or a temporary three way stop or something.  He told me that he'd contact me in a couple of weeks.  I'm assuming that he has to get approval for any changes he thinks need to be made.  So I don't hold my breath that this will happen quickly, but it would be nice to have something post-Christmas break.

I guess you could say the squeaky wheel does make the most difference.

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