Saturday, August 13, 2016

Why I am getting "Greener"

When it comes to being greener or crunchy or eco-friendly or granola or hippie-ish, you have a number of issues that come up.  The biggest ones I've talked about are those who believe in the overpopulation mythos.  Those who are worried about the supposedly finite resources and thus who erroneously believe that we should be reducing the number of children on the planet in order to reduce the overall population.  Spoiler Alert- If you want to go that route, I would expect more people to be on board with medical panels and euthanizing the aged because in our population adults outnumber children.  We're living longer.  Not that I'm endorsing euthanizing people.  Because I'm not.  I believe in nature taking it's course.  Just pointing out the disconnect and utter logic fail that is abortion and what not.

Okay.  I get that people aren't really looking at birth rates and instead are panicking over population growth.  Duly noted.  But I recently read some lady suggesting that it's more zero waste to get yourself "fixed."  And I in my granola-ness wanted to slam the book down.  "What?!"  My mind exploded here.  "What?!  You've got to be kidding.  Has this woman never heard of NFP? It's called NATURAL family planning, for St. Pete's sake.  Does she not know that it's completely and utterly zero waste if you simply chart electronically?  I mean COME ON really.  Doctors have to dispose of needles and gloves, which are made with plastic.  Hello?  That's not zero waste."

It's enough to want to not be greener or crunchy or eco-friendly....ackkk.  You get the point.  It's a complete turn off, if you will.  These are the very same people who ingest or inject themselves with various hormones and irritating copper coils but at the same time buy hormone-free cow's milk and resist using antiperspirant because it contains aluminum.  Not logical whatsoever.  It's a feeling group.  It seems that these people do what feels good and is convenient for them just to receive accolades.

But then again so do we Christians.  The general Western populace discards waste without even thinking about it.  Even in Canada, it was astounding to me (and not just me) that it's normal to visit a restaurant which wants you to sort your recyclables, but yet the sheer number of people who use a disposable coffee cup.  It's not like coffee shops don't sell the reusable ones.  People just don't care.

No, my friends, no.  There's hard work to be had on both sides.  One cannot simply "give up" and throw ones hands in the air.  Christians have been called upon to act too.  Laudato Si sets out why pretty explicitly.  We cannot ignore the problem.

This is not to say one must change over night.  I'm living proof that to change your life style for the better requires baby steps.  And that what you do to get greener will not look the same as it does for me.  But you cannot look to the green pioneers and think "Geez these people have wacko doodle ideas." It's best to use my method of absorbing what is good and discarding all the rest.

So this is why I am moving forward.  I'm doing it for God because he told us to be stewards (and to multiply).  I'm doing it for my fellow neighbor because being a trash picker is a really crappy job and living in garbage sucks severely.

If you've taken anything away from this Olympics (and this post) it should be this.  No more excuses.  Plan to change.  Start by discarding one item a day or a week that you don't use/need (and by discard I mean donate) and by switching one disposable product to a reusable one each month.  God and the trash picker will be happier with you for it.

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