Monday, September 26, 2016

Let me Just Update You

So let me just update you while I work on the linens for church.  (Soaking can take a while).  We put in an offer on a house that's down the street as you recall.  They sent us a text asking if we would be willing to bite on a counter offer.  We agreed and so the place in now in contingency.  On Friday I go in to have the inspection done and barring now major repairs, we are set to receive keys on the property on St. Martin of Tours (or thereabouts).

I have St. Terese of Liseaux to thank for all this.  I've been praying a novena for her intercession on house hunting.  And because she's just that type of saint, there was a potted rose by the front door of the house.  No, I had no idea that she enjoyed house hunting.

This Monday morning we went to the allergist to rule out that as the reason for tonsil issues with Knee.  He is allergic to grass, but only very slight.  Not surprising as my father is severely allergic to grass and on top of that he has asthma.  The allergist doesn't think that his grass allergy is the cause of large tonsils, but he says sometimes these things don't show up on the allergy test and his panel was for only 20 common ones. He suggested giving him an OTC drug at night to see if that helped any.

The allergist was concerned about Knee flunking a hearing test at school.  That, he said, is not allergy induced.  He said his tonsils could be affecting his ears and told me to back to the ENT and ask to have his hearing tested more thoroughly.

As for HB, last week he was really moody and struggling.  Giving up is the best way to describe it.  I went and observed his behavior in the classroom on Wednesday (their door has glass).  For a while he was sitting and then he went around the room trying to engage his classmates in play.  What I saw was not naughtiness, but sheer boredom.  And since he lacks the ability to regulate his emotions very well (and really neurotypical children get into trouble too for being bored), he was wanting to do something.  Good for him really.  Bad though that he keeps being pulled out of the classroom for disrupting others.  He naturally doesn't understand why this compulsion is getting him into trouble.  And he can't really stop himself either (nor do I want him to, actively wanting to engage others when you're autistic is great).

Being that I am "the mom" I wrote a letter saying the problem is that he's bored.  Get him out of the classroom before it starts up and you all will be happier.  Give him something that's truly a challenge for him. He will be happier too because his confidence will be boosted and he'll be getting that stimulation he so craves.

And they listened to me.  The reading specialist at the school is going to pull him out to do, among other things, more challenging reading assignments, create his own comic books, and read to the kindergarteners.  As she put it though, he still has to complete his 1st grade work first (which he can do in about 5 minutes flat) before he can do all the fun things.

I'm so happy for him and even though he was nervous about school, I reminded him that he wouldn't be bored so he should give it a try today and see if that helped him stay out of trouble.

On October 10, we have the official meeting and that's when we get all the documentation that gives us better power (and the school power with the district too).

And that's what's been happening.

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