Monday, September 5, 2016

Not without it's Controversy

In the deaf community there is debate about cochlear implants.  In the autism community it's about therapy.  I suppose it's no surprise as with any community there is controversy.

I'm not talking about the type of therapies that involve looking for a "cure" or looking for a prenatal test.  Those sound more like eugenics and I'm absolutely against eugenics.  I'm talking about controversy surround types of therapy that involve everything from giving autistics medications to help with anxiety to applied behavioral therapies.

I get tired of hearing about "ablism" and being an "ally."  I have no idea what that even means, but it sounds like rhetoric.

I get tired of the whining that because I'm not autistic but have an autistic child that I don't understand.  No, I don't understand.  I don't also understand the world view of a refugee or my neighbor.  How can I?  For that matter, unless you are that person can anyone?  Does anyone understand me?  I doubt it.  I doubt that any autistic understands the experience of every autistic person either.

So when I hear someone say that all therapies (or certain types) are bad then my frowny face comes out.  How can an adult who hasn't been a child for over a decade know what's even happening therapy wise? Therapy has changed and continues to change.  Why do you want an autistic child to suffer?  Why can't an autistic child be taught about safety?  Why can't an autistic child be taught not to hit their siblings?  We're talking about a need for the child and other children's safety.

Or how about their education?  How does running under a desk and screaming actually help my autistic child in the classroom?  Is curbing some of his stems so that he is still participating in class a bad thing?

Do I want my child to look like a "neurotypical" person?  No, I want him to be himself which would include being a member of society.  If disability is hindering that, then yes, I think there is a problem there.  Particularly if we are talking about a person's safety and education.  I'm not talking about having no modifications.  I'm talking about expectations.  You can't really expect a highly intelligent child who can learn to be molly coddled and never taught to not stick stuff in electrical sockets.  I don't care what type of brain they have.  That's just poor parenting.

It's likewise poor parenting to take the advise that no therapy should ever be used on autistic person regardless.  It's poor advise to ignore the voices of those in medicine because some of them aren't autistic.  It's poor advise to ignore the parents of autistics because they aren't autistic.  Just like it's poor not to listen to the opinions of autistic adults AND children particularly the child in question.

So can we cut the crap and just agree that outside of abuse, therapy can be beneficial?  Can we agree that because I'm the parent I can make that call?  Because I'm with the Supreme Court parents have rights on how to educate and raise their child without the need for outside interference unless it's abusive.

I really wish people would stop being so insular and realize that regardless of what your disability is or isn't you are part of a wider community.  And it's called humanity.  And nobody has it easy.  Stop making it harder for others.  Thanks.

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  1. I have some friends with kids with Down Syndrome- they get their heart surgeries, they take enzymes, they do PT, OT, etc- to get rid of the DS? to admit that they are less? NOOOOO! To help them stay alive and to meet their potential. You do the same for your child, mama!


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