Monday, September 12, 2016


I took Knee to an ENT appointment this morning (that's Ear, Nose, and Throat).  His pediatrician was concerned with the size of his tonsils and his snoring.

He recommended surgery.

I'm really leery of having his tonsils removed.  I'm a big proponent of body integrity and am against body modification.  Basically if there's a medical alternative, I'd rather keep my children's bodies the way that they are.  Of course when they are old enough to make decisions for themselves like getting a tattoo or something, that's their choice and their risk to assess.  But at this point if I can avoid surgery, I would like to.

Maybe I'm being a bit over-protective but the idea of having to put my four year old to sleep to remove parts of his body makes me nervous.

Hubby and I briefly discussed the possibility of surgery.  We realize that his sleep is being interrupted especially lately thus he is extra whiny.  The thing is though are his tonsils naturally too large or could it be allergies?  He regularly complains of his eyes watering and sometimes allergies causes the tonsils to become enlarged.  It's something I want to look into.  The ENT guy is not an allergy specialist.  He's only met with us for 10 minutes tops.

Which lead me to my next point, shouldn't we at least be getting a second opinion before a surgical operation that is non-threatening?  When I had my wisdom teeth removed, both my pediatric dentist and the oral surgeon looked over my charts and concluded given the size of my mouth having my wisdom teeth would be beneficial.  To try and have them grow in would cause tooth crowding and extreme pain.

In Knee's case only one gentlemen has even looked over his charts and concluded that his tonsils needed removing.  The pediatrician didn't even bring up the possibility of allergies or any other causes.  Nor did she say that she thought that the ENT might recommend removal.  Tonsils actually do serve a function and removing them shouldn't be taken lightly.  This isn't the 50s/60s where most children went under the knife almost as a rite of passage.

So has anyone had any experience with this?  Hubby and I have our tonsils in tact so it's something we've never encountered before.

Let me know in the comments.

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