Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Cognitive Dissonance...In which I rant

This morning I noticed #BeRomanticIn4Words trending.  I'm a curious sort so I clicked.  Most of the posts were silly like "I bought you pizza."  Some where sweet like "Baby, you're the best."  But one disturbed me.  It was "I hate kids too."

Of course say "I hate kids too" is totally anti-life, it's also in-human.  That's like saying "I hate people" which I understand can mean different things in different contexts.  Perhaps you mean you hate certain human behaviors.  Believe me I hate certain human behaviors too.  I would understand a person saying "I hate kids too" after a night of baby sitting.  They don't really mean they hate children.  They mean that the kids colored all over the wall and broke their cell phone.  Yeah, I would hate those behaviors too.  But in this context, we're talking about romantic words.  And telling someone that you hate children too is like saying I never want children ever in my life.

It's sad.

It's also cognitive dissonance.  Saying you hate kids is like saying you hate yourself.  You were once a child that someone loved and nurtured and put up with.  You were a child who colored on walls and broke things.  There are people who have no desire to have children themselves.  I am a Catholic after all.  I've met various religious people.  They would never once utter "I hate children too."  Mostly because it's cruelty to a particular group of people but also because it's like saying "I hate myself."

You might as well be saying "I hate old people."  Or any number of growth stages of human beings.  "I hate teenagers.  I hate tweens.  I hate the elderly."  These are all stages that all human beings go through.  Unless of course your life is cut short.

So please for the love of peanut butter.  Let's be a little more accurate with our words.  Let's not say "I hate children too."  Let's say what it really means:  I don't want any children of my own.  Or more accurately: I prefer sex devoid of it's biological function.  Because really what it is is not romance but pure selfish pleasure seeking.

If I were to put up a four romantic words, it would be "I'll clean it up." or "You can sleep in."  Because it's way more romantic for me knowing that my spouse has my back rather than mutually using each other for sexual gratification.

Rant over.

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