Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween and Autism

So I got a phone call earlier that HB was having issues at school.  He was already super happy and then he crashed. Part of his costume broke too.  I'm hoping since his OT comes on Mondays she'll be able to work on his sensory over load.

Just in case you don't know...for autistics anything out of the routine can cause issues.  The holidays may be fun and excited, but it's also overwhelming.  Sensory wise autistics are seeing lots of people in colorful costumes.  There's the excessive use of lights in decorations and costuming.  It's a loud holiday too.

So sometimes stepping back and giving an autistic person some space is warranted.  They want to enjoy the festivities too, but it can get overwhelming.  Let them take things at their own pace.  Also keep in mind that if there's a party at school or work, the off-routine ups the anxiety (even if they enjoy celebrations).  So creating an area in which there is less not more is a good idea.

Happy Halloween!

Also remember in the US tomorrow is a Holy Day of Obligation.

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