Tuesday, October 18, 2016

HB has a Fantastic Day of School...Oh, and My Hair is Falling Out

Let me address the last, lest family members suddenly race into a panic.  Yes, my hair is falling out.  No, it's not an allergic reaction to anything.  I didn't dye my hair, and it suddenly fell out due to chemical burn.  I didn't leave my curling iron in my hair too long and thus fried a portion of it off.

But I doubt that I'm dying either (at least not quickly).  No, it's most likely that I need a medicine adjustment.  I noticed that my hair was falling out in the summer, but I didn't think too much of it until it started to seem like things were getting worse recently.  Now I feel totally un-energetic and well awful.  The last couple of days have been much worse.  Today my skin feels like I got a slight sunburn.

One of the things about taking a hormonal pill is that you have to monitor yourself a lot.  Too little and you run into problems.  In my case, I think my body has accumulated too much so my hair is falling out.  I would stop taking it, but I'd need to run that by my doctor first.  He may say that it doesn't make any sense and that it must be something else.

But at any rate, I see my doc tomorrow.  It's more frustrating to me to reach this supposedly golden age of my life just to see my body protest and stop working properly.  I joked around with my husband that although he may be going bald, I may get there before he does.  Then I asked him what he was going to do about that.  "Get you a wig."  He laughed.

And no the hair loss is not in my head (or on it).  I demonstrated this problem to Hubby.  I ran my fingers through my hair and out came some strands.  "Well, that's normal."  Until I did that about five times in a row and kept having more come out.  "Stop! Stop doing that," his said, his eyes huge. "That's not good.  Not good at all."

There aren't any bald spots that I've noticed.  It's just really thin looking and my hair is normally thicker.  So there you go.

Enough about me already.

HB had a fantastic day yesterday.  I braced myself for the worst because Mondays are usually horrible for him.  He's not a fan of the after school program and if he gets into "trouble" again they will expel him.  But he was happy when I picked him up.

It's because he's started his IEP stuff.  He told me that he worked on OT gross motor stuff and next Monday they plan on fine motor stuff- cutting paper.  He also worked with the speech therapist to come up with "I need a break cards."  I think he feels relief that people are (finally!) able to tend to his needs.  He didn't seem over whelmed or upset.  He didn't come home hating people and the world.  I'd say that's a huge improvement for him.

He also seems to understand what the cards mean because when I asked him what they are for, he told me that he could use one to go the resource room.  So it's good that he's able to take charge of himself, which is what I wanted for him in the first place.  I think it's what he wanted too.

You have to think of it this way.  He gets worked up over things real easily and he needs to be able to control some of his environment in order to calm down.  Giving him the option to walk away when it's too much (or not enough in some cases) is key.  I know that there have been times where he just couldn't do homework.  He was over whelmed and it led to a full on melt down.  So I've learned to ask him when he's ready.  Sometimes he's like "yeah, let's do this now so I can ___fill in blank with tv or computer___."  And other times he's "no, not yet" and he'll play with legos for 20 minutes and then say he's ready.  He prefers to work this way at his own pace.  Chaining him to a seat (figuratively speaking) for several hours a day is just pure torture for him.

So I'm happy that he's happy.  Because a happy kid, means he's happier at home and he's able to focus on learning which is why I send him to school in the first place.  Seems pointless to send him to school if he's not actually getting anything out of it.

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