Monday, November 14, 2016

Hello, Friends

Yes, I've been quiet. I've watched the election like everyone else but haven't commented on it.  As I said my main focus was on the defeat of recreational cannabis, which happened.  I think my state was the only one that said "no, thank you."  There were a couple of states who said "yes, please" and some who legalized euthanasia.  Sadly.

But that doesn't matter because we bought a house.  We signed all the paper work on the day of the election and everything thing was filed that Thursday.  That's why I haven't posted much of anything. I've been a bit busy.

And things will continue that way because this move is going to be a slow one.

But I thought that I would let you know of what was happening.  HB has another doctor's appointment this afternoon.  There's a guy fixing the roof of the rental since it started leaking.  And I'm making phone calls, washing clothes, and sorting my belongings today.  This evening there will be more sealing of grout.  We finished one coat on the flooring and have started a second coat.  We haven't started the bathroom walls yet, but that's minor since you can't move much stuff in (like washer and dryer and boxes) until the floors are sealed.

Oh, and without going into too much of the drama from yesterday.  I want to remind parents of children in school or religious education to 1)disclose disabilities/health conditions to anyone who is responsible for the care of your children and 2)tell them any accommodations that need to be made for that child ahead of any problems.  Let's be honest here, parents.  You know your child has issues and whatnot.  Your teacher is not a mind reader.  We need to know their health issues and what to do in the event of.

So for example, last year I disclosed HB's disability.  And gave the teacher my number and said if there was any problems whatsoever to immediately call me.  I turned my phone on vibrate during Mass in anticipation of having to remove him from the classroom.  Nothing happened.  This year I told the teacher that I was teaching two doors down from her and to come get me if there's any trouble.  So far nothing.

But if your child is epileptic, has diabetes, or ADHD, etc. we need to know and we need to know ahead of time what we should do to be accommodating or handle things in the classroom.  Keep in mind, though, that all RE teachers are volunteers and not all have teaching backgrounds or first aid training.

If your child has a severe health problem, there is no shame in homeschooling.  Let me repeat that bit again.  If your child has a severe health problem (or disability), there is no shame in homeschooling.  It may prove to be better for your child's happiness.  I know in HB's case I would homeschool him if he ever felt overwhelmed in RE because that would be in his best interest.  School's a different story because they provide him services that I cannot, which is why going to a religious school is not feasible for him.  And there's no shame in homeschooling or going to public school.  It is what is best for your child and your family.

Okay, public service announcement over.

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