Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Phase Two: Complete

There have been three phases to this whole moving thing.  They aren't terribly clear cut, but this is the best description. The first was Phase one: pack and vacate the house we had been renting.  Phase Two: Clean the house we had been renting and hand over the keys.  Phase three: set up the new house.

Obviously we've been setting up the new house bit by bit which is why the phrases aren't terribly clear cut.  But I'm happy to report that Phase two has been complete.

I went through the walk-through inspection and handed over the keys.  She, the realtor, seemed pleased with my house cleaning skills.  She even asked if we had the carpets cleaned to which I almost wanted to blurt out that I actually did all that, but I felt it was just more appropriate to say yes.  Technically we did have the carpets cleaned but we did it ourselves.  She doesn't need to know that many details.  Being a stay-at-home mom for this many years affords itself to learning how to clean and clean well.  I've shampooed many a carpet needless to say.

Thankfully I will not have to shampoo a carpet any longer (unless we're talking about the investment property).  Our current home doesn't have any carpet at all.  The floors are tile.  And after Knee had a nasty little fall, I ended up picking up some of those kid-friendly foam squares for bare floor.  Those foam thingies are pretty easy to keep clean.  It's actually pretty echo-y in the house because of the bare floor.

So far the house is coming together nicely.  We have shed that we had a handiman build.  Hubby is out getting paint and whatnot for it.  I've set up all the Advent stuff and the Christmas tree.  So basically we're at that point in time were we need to be looking at more storage options because I don't have a pantry with few kitchen cabinets and we could use a cabinet above the toilet.   In the meantime we're okay in our temporary arrangements. 

Today's project is to set up the desk, which turned into a dumping ground.  It's supposed to be for me and the kiddos, but you know how moving goes.  And I'm trying to take it a bit slow today because I've come down with seasonal cold number 2.

Knee's birthday is on Friday and it's going to be very low-key this year.  Last year I planned big parties.  The first one it was cold and raining.  The second I had the flu and was forced to stay home.  This year we're just going to take it easy.  Kids really don't need birthday parties every year.  I never had one every year. 

So, dear readers, how has your week been going so far?  How is your weekend fairing? 

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