Monday, December 5, 2016

Sort of Back

The internet is back at least.  But my house still has boxes all floating in it.  I had a semi-melt down over the dishwasher.  Usually I'm pretty laid back about hiccups, but when it comes to very hard deadlines and doing things mostly myself, I get stressed out.  I think the dishwasher was warm and the air in the house cool and between the two the door stuck.  I was literally on the phone with the home warranty talking about my dishwasher issue and *pop* I got it to come open.

Also the internet guy showed up at the same time.  He was supposed to be here tomorrow, but he must have been ahead of schedule because he said he drove around one house to see if that person was home and then my house to see if I was home.  I got blessed on that one because this morning me and Knee were down the street cleaning the other house so we can vacate.  Hence the hard deadlines. We had come home for lunch when the dishwasher fiasco started.  I was trouble shooting which means being on the phone....forever....and using mobile data.  I had finally thrown in the towel and called the home warranty people when internet dude showed up.

He had to fix the line and said our box outside was also ancient and he'll come by at some point later to replace that too.

I was expecting the handyman to come by but he's a bit fickle over times.  He's building us a shed, which explains all these various holiday decorations hanging out in my dining room.  It will be a nice shed.  So I'm whining.

And I'm covered in dust.  Surprisingly the living room was easy to clean.  My bedroom was awful.  The floor was a particular bit of nasty.  I suppose that happens when you have a big bed and small children who climb under it.  The boys' room was horrible on the walls.  They are boys and they touch everything!  And their hands aren't always clean.  Yuck.

The last bits I have to work on are getting that nasty shower to sparkle.  It's those anti-slip bumps which are difficult to get clean.  Then there's the tile and last to gross me out....the kitchen.  *dun dun duuunn* Then I will have to go rent a carpet shampooer.  All of this needs to be completed by Sunday.  I'm hoping.

So I will be more likely to issue forth posts next week.  Until then....

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