Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Head Meet Desk

So people have been freaking out about the Trump administration. If it isn't over Trump appointing Robert Kennedy Jr to a vaccine safety panel, it's his nomination for Secretary of Education who keeps gaffing.  Thus a group of feminists have decided to march against Trump and they are as they say "eating their own" over the abortion thing.

As a Catholic, I think I hardly qualify as what we think of today as feminism. I believe that there are distinct gender roles. I don't think I should be a priest (or could). I also believe that abortion is a form of oppression to the parents and murdering of a child.  None of these things puts me on the good list of your average feminist.

So behold my twitter feed:
I got into a conversation with a pro-abortionist.  She was Jonesing for a fight with a media priest and instead she ended up with me.  Ironically she called me said priest's "troll." Ah,well.  She wanted a debate so I gave her one.  But then she flashed her "feminist" card and I just.couldn't.

"this is never said to men "stop having sex". Only women. Our sexuality is used as a weapon against us. Men taught you this."

Really?!  Seriously?!  That's a joke right?  Catholics never tell both men and women to keep it in their pants ever, right?  *head meet desk*

And men taught me this? Seriously?! Whaaaaa??

I basically tweeted the sheer nuttiness of this tweet and someone naturally couldn't resist.

And it was sad, people. Just sad. And highly disturbing.  Basically she felt that there was nothing hypocritical of expecting a man to make a decision about having a baby before sex and a woman being able to make that decision post.  What I mean is if a dude doesn't want a child, he's basically gotta abstain.  If there's a baby later on down the road, whether he wanted the baby or not doesn't matter.  He doesn't get a say on whether he would like to keep his own child and avoid abortion nor does he get a say on avoiding said child and thus pays child support.  His decision must come BEFORE.  On the other hand a woman doesn't have to decide before hand.  She gets to wait to decide whether to kill said child or take care of said child. 

In other words, we have two different standards.  And it would seem to look like the men are being held to a higher standard because they have to decide to abstain (or not) and live with someone else's decision.  They have to exert self-control.  Women on the other hand don't have to exert the same self-control.  They hold all the cards on the baby making or destroying end.  Sex without consequences foreva!  (she says sarcastically with a note of dejection).

But that's totally fair or something because women have a uterus or something.  No equality here. Men are servants to the womb.

Her response:
"no, we are trying to get male birth control. we try to promote us of birth control. this is 'not throwing your hands in the air'"

Yes, male birth control.  That'll solve it. It's not like we don't already have male condoms.  It's not like nobody ever uses them and totally discovers that they have a failure rate.  Is my sarcasm showing?  Seriously. *headmeetdesk*

And it went on until I told her that she was being hysterical about women who have miscarriages being prosecuted for abortion.  The last two cases I've seen in this country about women being prosecuted involved a women who bought abortion pills over the internet without a prescription and took them.  It's illegal to take a medication like that without a prescription.  The other shoved a coat hanger in places coat hangers should not be shoved.  She was prosecuted for giving herself an abortion without a license. Neither one deserves huge jail times, but they certainly need some psyc help.

She then went all ad hominem on me and said that I was a miserable person and must want to spread that misery.  Uh, nope. Not miserable or angry (as was the other claim).  Just disturbed.  As for spreading misery well it's more like I'm trying to be logical with people so they can logically avoid misery.  By this I mean hell.

But what I get out of this is that people have not thought their arguments through.  I've had grand spars with people who pulled all sorts of justifications out for abortion from their hats.  These people have thought things out, but they are simply wrong.

If these two, however, are trying to convince me that feminism is awesome or as one put it, "simply making choices", then I want none of it.  Give me sanity, give me logic, give me the "patriarchy!"  I'd rather get lectured to by St. Thomas Aquinas. 

2,4,6,8 who do I appreciate? The Magisterium! The Magisterium! Go Magisterium!!! Yay for patriarchy. Boo for feminism.

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