Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Lenten Plans

Hello everyone!  It's been a while.  I've been a bit busy doing house related things that never end and haven't really done much blogging.  Lots of twitter though.  So if you are interested in knowing what I am up to, follow me on twitter @deltaflute.

Lent starts in March (March 1st) and February is a very short month so I've been thinking about Lent.  Usually I add something to Lent.  Last year I consecrated myself Divine Mercy/Merciful Love.  And I'll probably in that vein read St. Faustina's Diary.

I also tend to give something up.  I can't remember now what I did last year.  I might have opted to do the usual penance that everybody from ages 18-59 must do and nothing more.

Well this year I've given it a bit of a think (as the Brits would quip) and I've decided that perhaps I should go vegan (or vegetarian I haven't completely made a decision over which I think is easier for me to do over 6 weeks).

For those of you don't know, going vegan means giving up any animal products entirely and eating only plant based meals.  This includes not only meat, fish, and poultry, but also cheese, milk, and honey.


Glad you asked:
1) In solidarity with our Eastern Catholic Brothers and Sisters- You remember not too long ago I discovered that Muslims were giving up something for Lent in solidarity with Christians.  I considered it rude and completely not understanding the point of Lent.  Well, I'm a Western/Latin Catholic, and I understand the practices of our Eastern Catholic brethren because not too long ago Latin Catholics (particularly those in religious orders) were that strict as well.  It's not required for a Latin anymore, but it is for some Eastern Catholics so....if you guys can do, so can us wimpy Latins.

2) It's good to remember....- It's good to remember that most of the world doesn't eat an animal based diet like the one here in the USA.  I recently saw a documentary showing North Korea escapees eating American barbeque for the first time (it's on youtube).  One women talked about how they get an ounce of meat for special occasions.  Usually the North Koreans eat dog.  Another who had been a farmer said it was too expensive to purchase meat.  So yeah, if the point of Lent is also to give alms what better way to remember that the poor eat- a plant based diet.  This was the point of fish Fridays anyway.  Eat what the poor eat.

3) Perfecting the body and purifying the soul- One of the things about being a Catholic is denying ourselves what is bad.  The body and the soul are connected so in denying things that are bad for us, we are also purifying our soul.  Gluttony is not good.  And not taking care of our bodies by eating unhealthy is not good.  You could say this is my fancy way of saying that I'm giving up gluttony for Lent.

Last year I started exercising and that was good.  I haven't really had time to take that up, but I'm moving around a lot.  Then over the summer I started a diet which basically had me giving up grains/high carbs.  It was good but hard.

Problem was I couldn't stay on the diet and I've fallen for the junk food wagon. I don't think grains are the problem.  The problem is my balance of vegetables.  I'm simply not eating enough.  And I can feel that in my health. I'm tired and strung out and have gained 4 pounds. I need to stop mindlessly eating junk. So whether or not I go vegan or vegetarian doesn't matter.  The point is that I'm going to be putting more plants on my plate that I should be doing now.

You see I'm a glutton for junk food and that's ultimately my problem.  Even my kids are junk food addicts.  My husband and I had a long heart felt conversation about food last weekend.  It was good.  He's been cooking because I had grown frustrated and jaded about meal preparation.  So he's agreed for now that it's best if we keep those junk food temptations out of the house and replace them with healthier options.  Eventually I think we can have crackers, for example, again but until the kids (and myself) get into the habit of grabbing an orange it's better to just not have it.  And if the kids are truly hungry, they should be getting a simple meal not a whole package of chips (that's crisps for you Brits).

So I guess the kids are giving junk food up?  Well not necessarily for Lent anyway.

So what are you thinking about doing for Lent?  Leave a comment below.  I read all of your comments even if I may not always respond. 

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