Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Ash Wednesday: Day One

Whew! Yesterday was a whirl wind. After dropping the kiddos off at school, I went to the grocery store to buy supplies for the Mardi Gras party/games and for Lent.  I then ran home and unload/put away the groceries only to turn around and make a stop at the library.  I then picked up Knee and ran home again to quickly clean up my house for his teachers.  Head start has home visits.  In the midst of picking Knee up from school I received a phone call from the controversial therapy group (CTG) about starting  Well since I've been waiting forever to get some behavioral therapy for HB I said "why not?"

The Head Start Visit was fruitful.  Knee has been having trouble with letter identification (even though he can identify numbers) and this includes his reluctance to use his last name.  Now HB doesn't like to use his last name much either, but that's because, as he explains it, no one pronounces it correctly.  It's frustrating for him so he simply doesn't use it much.  Knee just doesn't like using any of his other names (middle or last).  So we're going to have to work on that.

After the Head Start Visit, we quickly did more cleaning and then went and got his brother.  But not before it started raining.  :/  I started working on the King Cake (easy peasy version) and convinced HB to work on his homework.

So here's the thing- His teacher has been out and he was supposed to get his homework last week, but didn't.  He was supposed to get it on Monday, but didn't.  And it says on his homework that it's due Friday, but there's no school.  So you know what, I'm just gonna have him work on parts of it and not worry about it.

As we're working on homework, the therapist and her trainee showed up.  They stayed until about 6:30pm and then left.  In the meantime I had pizza delivered and a gamer show up.  And my husband came home.  So really I barely sat down yesterday.

It could have been worse. My in-laws train have issues so they had to take a bus to their connecting train.  That train was running late and they ended up with a tornado where they live.

Today is Ash Wednesday and I can already foresee today being busy, at least at the end.  This morning Knee got a 0% on his BMI because his weight was never entered.  :/  I left a message with head starts main office in Tucson inquiring what to do because I think it's a complete waste of time and money to go to Knee's doctor just to get him weighed and measured again.  I await the return call.

Then I asked the kiddos if they wanted ashes.  Now I could take them to Mass during the day, but we also have an evening Mass.  So I'm going to have HB do some homework, them eat quickly, jump into the shower, and run over to Church.  CTG called and wanted to do therapy today and I was like "Nope." Thursday with three therapists (!!!!) it is.

Anyways here's what I've eaten today:
It's a fasting day and rules are for those who are able: anyone between the ages of 18-59 one full meal and two small snack/half meals for Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.

So toast with vegan butter and jelly and apple juice for breakfast.  The jelly doesn't have gelatin in it.  Gelatin is made from animal bones and isn't vegan let alone kosher/halal or vegetarian.  My jelly has fruit pectin which is vegan so it's fine.  And vegan butter is basically margarine.  You can't use just any ol' margarine however because margarines often still contain a small amount of milk in them.  You have to use a margarine that specifically says it's vegan.  Also the bread doesn't have milk or egg in it.  Most sandwich bread doesn't, but some breads do so check the label.  With bread you also have to be careful of them using honey in it.  Honey comes from bees which are animals= not vegan.  I don't think Eastern Catholics give up honey for Lent and some vegans have no problem with using honey.

Lunch: Small salad with balsamic vinaigrette (because vinaigrettes tend to be vegan) and drink consisting of half rice milk and half chocolate almond milk.  I need the veggies and I need the protein.  Why half rice milk thingy?  Because I bought a half gal of rice milk which was a mistake.  I've been trying to use it up.  I can't drink an entire half gallon unto myself in a week.  I discovered by sheer providence that the veggie milks in smaller sizes are kept on the shelf and not the refrigerator section.  So rather than doing this "feeling wasteful" thing again I think I'm just going to buy shelf stable sizes unless I come across one that I really really like.  
Dinner: Ratatouille not pictured: scoop of peanut butter

Hubby's response "Doesn't this look like gumbo to you?"
Me: "You know I was thinking the same thing."

It's very similar to a vegan version of gumbo.  In gumbo you usually have bell pepper (check), onion (check), squash (check), diced tomatoes (check), sometimes okra, and various assortment of meats such as sausage, chicken, and shrimp.  In ratatouille, there's no meat (or use of chicken broth) and it has egg plant in it.  I also added a bit of red wine to sweeten it (Kosher of course) per the instructions. 

Needless to say this is not a family fav.  It get boring quick hence the eating of some peanut butter for an extra boost of protein.

Update: I think my parish needs to add more Ash Wednesday services.  The evening bi-lingual one was so packed that people were standing around the perimeter of the church and in the vestibule.  As I recall our sanctuary can seat over a thousand people.  We're the mega church of Catholic churches in Tucson.  Even the Bishop holds massive services here instead of at the cathedral.  Needless to say there are a lot of people who typically only show up for Ash Wednesday, Easter, and Christmas.

I'm sorry this post is so long.  So if you got to this point- pat yourself on the back.  Now I must get off to bed soon but not before I start working on tomorrow's breakfast.

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