Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Day 27: Christians and Health Food

We keep getting hit.  This weekend the plague struck Knee.  It's spring. It seems like it never ends.

But onto the main event...

During all the multiple law suits over the HHS birth control mandate, I learned some eye opening stuff.  People do not connect the dots.  Let me explain.

When people, rather liberal and atheist types, think of religious people, they think in stereotypical terms.  Religious people are nutty right wingers who spend all their time watching sports, drinking beer, and eating really bad foods.  Or something along those lines. While there are some who fall into those categories, there are numerous people who don't.

Case in point: Eden Foods

Eden Foods prides itself on being a small processor of organic plant-based foods.  It's a closely held company whose CEO is a Catholic.  He sued (and as far as I can tell is still suing) the government because he doesn't want to cover birth control.  His lawsuit is similar to Hobby Lobby's although in that case they objected to 4 forms of birth control.  Eden Foods doesn't cover any life style medications/devices like Viagra or any birth control.  Viagra isn't mandated to be covered but birth control is.  (Although at this time of writing, the Republicans are making several attempts to repeal that part of the mandate and replace it with something else).

The company is named Eden Foods which is a reference to the Garden of Eden, which is a Biblical place.  The CEO prides himself on eliminating BPA lined cans.  The whole point of his company is offering healthy, pure foods.

This is appealing to those who want a healthy, pure food product.  Often these people searching for organic food stuffs are liberals and irreligious.  So when they discovered that Eden Foods doesn't cover birth control and was suing the government in order to continue doing what they always do, which is promoting a healthy, chemical-free lifestyle, some online people went bonkers.  They basically trashed the Eden Foods facebook page and pledged to never buy another Eden Food product.

It wasn't that they didn't share similar values of living a chemical-free lifestyle with eating a healthy diet.  It was because he based this value on his Catholic faith.

What was most shocking to me was these numerous people were shocked to discover that Eden Foods was run by a Christian using Christian ideas.  Clearly there was a disconnect with the name being a Biblical reference and the idea that not all Christians/Conservatives are junk food addicts.

Would it surprise you that Eden foods is not the only Christian food company?  It shouldn't especially when I've been talking about this being true for years. Nor should it surprise you when you read the packaging of several different brands and also what they are named.

Food for Life, while it claims has no religious affiliation, has put several Biblical references on their products including Ezekiel Breads.  The founder Max Torres got the recipe from reading the Bible.

There's also Bragg Foods Inc, which makes this nutritional yeast product.  If you look closely, their label includes a Jesus fish with Biblical reference.  The head of Bragg Foods Inc appears to be a Christian.  She appears on labels along with her late father-in-law.  Both are/were into healthy eating and give lectures on the subject.

So yeah...

Christians have historically and are currently into nutrition, diet, and healthy eating in alignment with Christian principals of diet and fasting.  Why this is so shocking to irreligious people is confusing to me.  It's also shocking to me that numerous fellow Christians are unaware of this.  But now you know.  Hopefully this will no longer be such a controversial thing but rather a point of mutual respect and understanding.

What I ate:
Breakfast: overnight oats
Lunch: romen noodles, salad
Snack: overnight oats
Dinner: soy nuggets and corn

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