Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Day 29: Eating Out and PETA

*Not an exact conversation
Hubby: Let's go out to eat.
Me: Okay
Hubby:.....Oh, we probably shouldn't do that right. Since you're going vegan and all.
Me: I can still eat out.
Hubby: Yeah, but we'd have to go to that vegan restaurant.
Me: No, I just have to look up their menu. It's no big deal.

I've eaten food from Carl's Jr, Denny's, Pizza Hut, and Wendy's.  While there is one token vegan restaurant in my city, I've only eaten there once many years ago.  I'm not sure I'd feel right about going in there again.  They were big PETA supporters and might still be.

Instead what I do is this:
1) I have a book from the library called "The Vegan Cheat Sheet" which has a chapter devoted to eating out at various national restaurant chains.  It tells you what is vegan and also what you can tweak to make vegan like asking to not use cheese.  The books is a little out of date so...
2) Sometimes the restaurant will include dietary information about the food that they sell online.  I really really wanted onion rings from Carl's Jr, but they use milk.  So I had to settle for fries.
3) That said not all restaurants list stuff online so I have to do a websearch which often leads me to PETAs website (shudder). This is how I double checked that Denny's veggie burger is vegan and doesn't contain any egg (like so many veggie burgers do).

I haven't found a restaurant yet that I couldn't eat food from.  Even if it's just a salad, there's always something on the menu.  In Pizza Hut's case, I told the waitress that I couldn't have dairy (she didn't need the full explanation).  So I had a cheese-less pizza with veggies.  I'm thinking that they've made this sorta thing before because whoever created the pizza did a fantastic job.

So you may be thinking "what's your beef with PETA."  Ha ha. Beef.  Well, I have no problem supporting the Humane Society (which is also called SPCA, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).  They care about the treatment of animals as well.  Here is my brief list of why PETA makes me shudder.

1) PETA supporters have been known to go off the deep end during some of their protests.  At times they show up naked or covered in lettuce.
2) They don't make much sense. They have protested Pokemon which is a video game with fictional creatures.
3) They have problem with people keeping pets and that includes some people with disabilities who use service animals.
4) They don't believe that we should kill pests.
5) They have targeted Christianity.
6) The founder has admitted that their tactics are not to be polite but to make waves. In other words, rather than appealing to people's good sense like the Humane Society does, they intend to make people angry.
7) They euthanize and sterilize animals despite being fundamentally against both.
8) While PETA has a clear stance on the treatment of animals, it remains neutral when it comes to unborn people. Thus people are treated with less dignity among adherents than animals.

I could go into more details, but I think it suffices to say that PETA is a controversial group even among animal lovers.  This is why I cringe whenever I click on the links.  It could be a great source of information, but the organization is into being controversial and proselytizing and demeaning to humans. The Humane Society on the other hand protests similar things like puppy mills, factory farming, etc and has historically stood up for the rights of children.  Unlike PETA they often send grants to no kill shelters. Maybe a Humane Society has a vegan information page?  That would be nice.

What I ate today:
Breakfast: bagel with red pepper hummus

Please ignore my messy kitchen.
Lunch: Gardein soy nuggets, rice, blackberries, and half a bagel with chocolate peanutbutter
Snack: Cliff bar
Dinner: Baked ziti and asparagus

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