Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Day 7: Wraping up the Week

It's Day 7 and I've finished the week.  It has been at times hard.  This is because there are three other members of my family who are not giving up animal derived foods for Lent.  My children are under the age of 14 and haven't really gotten the hang of Lenten penance.  I don't think my interest started until I was much older either.  I do make them vegetarian meals for Friday, but other than that....  So naturally when I open up the fridge I have to remind myself that my snacks are limited.  My mind says "oh, look, cheese! Oh, that's right. No cheese."  I think it would be easier if those things weren't here- much how during Passover Jews remove the leavening agents of bread.  But we carry on.

Over the summer when I switched over to a low-carb diet I spent three days with a rough headache.  So you may be thinking, what's going vegan like?  Gas.  Lots and lots of gas. 👃💨 At times it's a bit painful until one expels it.  I remember reading that you would need to take something like beano from a vegan website, but I didn't realize how accurate that would be.  Yep.  I think you'd need some sort of gas thingy for a week at least.  Of course I've just done it the hard way and offered it up.  That's because of laziness and cheapness.  But you don't have to be like me.

And in case you are thinking "Oh, I'll never go vegan for Lent."  I say "ha" to you.  If Jesus asked you to do something for a spiritual exercise, then you'd do it.  Judging by a Twitter query of "what's the most interesting thing you've given up for Lent", he's asking a lot of people to do this.  "Vegan" was listed or alluded to several times to my shock.  Check here too. Perhaps it's in solidarity with our Eastern Catholic Brethern who are particularly being persecuted in the Middle East or perhaps it's a need for renewal and more visibility within the Western Catholic Church that he's asking for this.  It's probably many reasons both for the individual and for the Church as a whole.  So don't say "Oh, I'll never go vegan for Lent."  Because next year you might feel the tug too.  I just hope that reading my journey and the fruits of my research will help you.

What I ate today:
Breakfast: not pictured bagel with avocado and hummus and one large strawberry.

It was one of those days of rushing through breakfast.

Snack: not pictured pretzel with mustard

Lunch: Vegan Pizza and not pictured strawberries.

The pizza I bought was your typical frozen pizza.  It also tasted that way.  I think if I made my own vegan pizza it would taste better.  I didn't eat the whole thing, but the image is after I sliced it up.

Snack: not pictured chips

Not healthy I know.

Dinner: Chocolate Chip Pancakes and hashbrowns  I forgot to put nutritional yeast on the hashbrowns.  Woops.

I feel like I should have had some leaf greens in there somewhere today.  I guess I'll just have to make that up tomorrow.

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