Friday, March 3, 2017

Day Three: Hit you in the pocketbook!

*not verbatim*
Hubby: "But going vegan would be expensive."
Me: "No, fruits and vegetables are pretty cheap if you think about it."
Hubby: "Yeah, I guess your right. Meats are more expensive."

It's a common assumption that you will spend a huge amount of money to go vegan when in reality you won't.  And many of the things that are a bit costly you can actually make yourself such as almond milk.  But I'm lazy and don't want to even bother trying to duplicate the same almond milk the store has.  For one thing, I don't have industrial machines.  I have basic home appliances.  Having an industrial machine means you won't end up with almond pieces.  That said if you want to give it a go with far nicer machinery, you'll save yourself cash over the long run.

Here's the Vegan Zombie who was challenged by a follower (who's a poor college student) to buy vegan groceries on a tight budget.

What I ate today:
Breakfast: hashbrowns sprinkled with nutritional yeast and ketchup, remaining overnight oats, grapes
I didn't actually eat any grapes.  I got pretty full on the hashbrowns and only ate part of the overnight oats.

Snack: A pretzel and mustard.  It shouldn't surprise you that the traditional Lenten treat- pretzels- is vegan.  I'm sorry I forgot to take a pic until I ate most of it. 

 Lunch: leftover overnight oats which I finished off, some leftover Ratatouille, and some grapes (not that much but rather than worry over a container I just plucked a few off)

Snack: bagel with avacado

I should mention that I've discovered that some breads have milk in them (like the one in my cabinet; it's not the one I ate Wednesday).  The easiest way to eliminate milk and egg is to check the part down below the ingredients.  Usually it will say something like "Allergy Alert" or "This product contains" which is helpful for anyone who has these particular allergies but also vegans.  That's how I discovered that the other loaf of bread has milk in it.  I'll just buy more bread for myself and feed the other loaf to my kids.

For the record my "everything" bagel has seeds and soy but no dairy.  It's quite tasty and you could probably make it into a sandwich.  The added bonus is it has 14 grams of protein. 

Dinner: Not pictured leftover potato gnocchi soup, applesauce with cinnamon, and vegan chocolate icecream

We went out for desert at a local specialty shop which sells a multitude of dairy free icecreams.  When I mentioned something to the lady, she said she had a dairy free chocolate in the back.  Most customers think a water-based chocolate icecream is weird so she doesn't normally make it.  She asked me if I wanted some and I was like "Yes!!!"  not that I have a problem with fruit version but how fantastic is it to find a vegan chocolate icecream. 

So that's what I ate today.  If you're wondering how therapy is going with HB, I'll have to type up a post sometime in the future when we've gotten more of a rhythm to it.

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