Thursday, March 2, 2017

Day Two: Eat more Hummus

My husband has been really reluctant to me doing this vegan thing in part because he's concerned about how it will effect my health.  At first he suggested just going vegetarian.  While it may be a softer leap for some, going vegetarian is actually harder for me.  I'm not a big dairy person.  I will not cry if my burger doesn't have cheese.  I spent a large portion of my childhood downing jugs of orange juice and hardly touching cow's milk.  I do not spend time researching gourmet cheeses.  Dairy is a shrug.  But it's often the thing that most vegetarians can't let go of so that's why they're not vegan.  The harder leap for me is giving up meats.  Seafood I don't care for.  But I enjoy turkey, chicken, bacon, etc.  I miss bacon and eggs in the morning. 

As I said, my husband is concerned about the whole vegan thing.  "But protein." he says.  Well yesterday doesn't count.  When you fast, whether you are vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or an omnivore you won't be getting enough anything in the day. 

In a normal vegan diet of which you eat a variety of foods, you will be fine.  Google "Vegan Food Pyramid" and you will see that the bulk of your diet is grains, followed by veggies, fruits, fortified dairy substitutes, and beans/nuts/seeds.  Protein is in everything except fruit, sugars, and fats.  Don't believe me?  See for yourself.  Two slices of whole wheat toast are 5 grams of protein.  Add two tablespoons peanut butter (7 grams) and you total 12 grams of protein.  The average female needs about 32 grams of protein in a day.  It's really not that difficult.  In fact I wager that omnivores eat too much protein which isn't good for you either.

Having said that I agree that vegans struggle to get enough B12 in their diet and sometimes D3.  There are numerous vegan veggie milks that are fortified with both much like cow's milk can be fortified or orange juice.  You can also supplement, which is what I did yesterday.  I bought some vegan B12. 

Now when it comes to medication, not all of it is vegan. Tablets, from what I can tell, are vegan, but gel capsules typically aren't.  Gel capsules are made from gelatin, which again isn't kosher, halal, or vegetarian.  If you want a gel capsule, you have to make sure that it's plant derived.  Usually those supplements/medicines will list gelatin in the inactive ingredients list on the box.  And typically if a supplement/medicine is vegan it will say so.

If it is a real worry for my husband, then I'll buy some plant protein powder and make a smoothie.  But this is for only 6 weeks.  And I'm pretty good about listening to my body and eating accordingly (a little too good).  So don't do what I did this morning which is not finish breakfast and not packing a snack because I think I made my insulin levels go wonky.

What I ate today:
Breakfast: Overnight oats and one strawberry.  I didn't end up finishing the overnight oats or eating more fruit because I was in a hurry to get the kiddos off to school.  I did manage to finish my veggie milk so there's that. 

I also didn't pack a snack for Bible study and that was a mistake.  Don't do this.  Eat more frequently.  And Eat when you are hungry.

 Lunch: I ran home and scarfed down vegan spring rolls with sweet chili sauce and some raw veggies with vegan ranch.  After I picked up Knee I finished my breakfast.

Kudos to the makers of vegan ranch.  You've just converted me.  That stuff tastes better than the real thing.  For one it's sweeter which is perfect with a raw veg.  For two it's thicker.  I had to use a utensil to remove some from the bottle.  Regular ranch is so watered down that you (okay maybe me) end up with more ranch than you desire when you turn the bottle up.  So two thumbs up vegan ranch people.  I've also read that your "cheese" is delicious.  I may have to try that on a vegan pizza sometime.

 Snack: Bagel with avocado and not pictured strawberries.

Dinner: Salad and Potato gnocchi soup with oyster crackers.  With crackers you have to be careful that they don't have milk in them.  The Potato gnocchi soup was a hit.  If you are interested in knowing how to make it, I'll be happy to leave the recipe in the comments.  It's thick and no it doesn't have any dairy in it. 

So that's it.  And now I'm a happy full lady heading off to bed for yet another zany day. 

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