Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Day 35: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order...

*not an exact conversation*

Hubby: I'm surprised you're eating yogurt.
Me: *puzzled look
Hubby: I mean how can you stand it that your eating living creatures.  Shouldn't they be screaming in horror?
Me: *frowning at him

My husband is teasing me.  And yes, it's annoying sometimes.

But he has a point.  Vegans don't technically eat a "plant-based diet" unless they stop eating mushrooms and all yogurts and certain breads.  You see in scientific terms mushrooms are from the fungi kingdom and bacteria, even in non-dairy yogurts, are from the bacteria kingdom.  They aren't plants.  Plants are cucumbers, lettuce, tomato, carrots, turnips, tea, cocoa, etc.  Shiitakes and yeast aren't plants.

So can a vegan eat mushrooms and make breads?

Sure.  Because vegans eschew foods from the animal kingdom.  That's it. 

Plants, bacteria, and fungi are also living things.  For a large percentage of vegans, eating from the animal kingdom is wrong because animals are sentient beings.  In other words, they have a nervous system and a brain; therefore they feel things.  Even if the animal is not being slaughtered but instead used for say egg production, the problem is the treatment of the animal.

I'm not sure if a vegan would be okay if you have backyard fowl and raised them for eggs, but treated them fairly.  It sort of makes the idea of maltreatment being the basis to avoid eggs problematic.  I suppose that would depend on the individual.  Some might take after PETA that animals aren't meant as pets or for humane food production.  Others might shrug.   I think this is why some people prefer to be vegetarians, which is to say they eat animal by products.  To them if it's not harming the animal, it's okay.

This is why vegans who are vegan for dietary and health reasons make so much more sense to me.  I can't find a solid and Christian argument for why people who raise their own animals humanely can't eat them or their by products.

As my husband wisely pointed out, bacteria are living things too.

What I ate Today:
Breakfast: Hashbrowns with nutritional yeast and ketchup

Lunch: Tacos with lettuce, tomato, and refried beans.  chocolate chips with peanutbutter
I've discovered that I much rather like a taco with beans instead of some sort of soy substitute for the protein.

Snack: chips and salsa

Dinner: soy nuggets, onion rings, salad, applesauce

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