Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Margaret Atwood and Bill Nye

Hi again. It's me. I've been mulling over the post for quit a while, but I wasn't sure if there was enough conviction to post it or just my general irritation.  I try not to post much these days unless it's worth posting because I simply don't have the time to write everything that dumps into my head.  When my children were younger, I had things like nap time and we didn't have an extra car.  Now I have to cart two children to two different schools while juggling therapy.  And by juggling therapy, I mean I need to keep my house at a presentable level constantly.  I can't forego dishes in order to type even if I would like to.

So my twitter feed has had numerous ads for the new Hulu movie based on a book by Margaret Atwood called A Handmaid's Tale.  I probably should have blocked the ads, but I didn't.  Every time they pop up I chew on the topic more and more.  Truth be told I haven't read the book.  I've only read a synopsis and viewed scenes from the 1990s movie version.  I don't think that I could read the book without feeling the need to take a shower and try not to vomit.  It's rather graphic and revolting at the same time.  I don't blame Atwood for this.  Sometimes you need to say something disgusting to get your point across.  I however don't think I need to read it in graphic detail; a synopsis is enough for me.

Atwood wrote the book in the 1980s at a time when she had concerns about conservative religious groups.  I think however she focused on a few select fringe groups.  In her book she creates a dystopian government where a pseudo-Christian group has taken over.  Because there is a shortage of children due to radiation poisoning and STDs (now called STIs), this group has forced fertile women to bare children for the nation. 

It's disgusting.  And yes there are cultish "Christian" groups who use women like that.  But there are many more Christian groups who don't.  To be fair, in Atwood's book she points out that Catholic religious sisters and nuns do not want to be forced into this twisted surrogacy.  I think her books are fair warning to watch out for these types of groups, but I also think it's unfair to think that people do not have brains.  There were groups of Christians who were slave owners but of the abolitionists the largest number of people were Christians also. 

This is also true of surrogacy.  The reason people use surrogacy is because child-bearing is being put off until later in age when it is more difficult to get pregnant.  Often this is because people put career first due to the latest wave in the feminist movement.  In other cases, it because gay men desire children. There are a great number of Christians who are deeply concerned about the sheer numbers of women who are being used to bear children for the infertile.  There are concerns that these poor women often from underdeveloped countries are being exploited.  And I'm not even talking about those who are being exploited for their gametes or frozen embryos.  It's important to point out that many of these people who use surrogacy or pay for gametes are those who identify as being left politically. 

But on the opposite side of the same political affiliation, there are those who wish to stop people from having children.  Bill Nye recently asked about "extra children" on his Netflix show.  His concern was the sheer number of people on the planet burdening the resources that we have.  Rather than calling for general conservation, less consumerism, less materialism, and more minimalism (which are all things Christians get on board with), his solution was to have a panel from population control groups and pro-abortion groups talk about limiting the number of children.  The sheer idiocy of this was not lost on me.  Bill Nye earned his fame on a children's television program.  Does he seriously want to shoot himself in the foot?  I guess so.

It appears the new "moral" way is to both limit the number of children that you have and put off having children so that you can exploit someone else's biological functions.  So while Margaret Atwood is right that we should speak out against using women for their fertility, she's wrong in who is exploiting whom.  It isn't the Christian right who is raping women.  The reality is it's the ungodly left who want to control when and how many children a woman bears.  For the record, I consider myself a moderate who sits mostly in the center. 

To this control, I say f*** that. Bill Nye and other population controllers, you have no right to control my fertility.  I will not stand by and watch my country turn to China, where forced abortion and forced sterilization are rampant.  I will speak up for the rights of women.  Fertility is a beautiful thing.  Stop desecrating it. 

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  1. Haven't seen Nyes comment, I don't agree with it as stated either. I have seen several liberal friends state being disappointed with him recently. Not sure on what topic.

    I haven't read that book yet either.. But I do want to. There are a lot of bills being proposed by the far right on restricting women's rights though (and no I am not a fan of abortion either, but these go so strict that it is ridiculous), and I haven't seen anyone advocate it from the left. Not doubting the pop control people are saying crap, I know they exist... But that's not what I'm seeing. That said I'm sure that's because I'm liberal as are a good chunk of my friends, so I see normal liberal ideas.. But see extreme ones on the other end. The same seems to be true for you in reverse.


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