Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Spy Wednesday: Day 43: Will I stick with It

As I said before, people have been asking if I plan on going vegan long term.  My husband has practically said that he can't eat that way (he could but he doesn't want to).  One of my friends, who's a former vegetarian but never vegan, says it's much easier now for her to build a meal than it was before.  She says it was much more difficult for her to be vegetarian.  I'm sure it's hard now, but not as difficult.  She doesn't eat pork or beef.  That said she does eat a lot better than I do (at least from what I've observed for all I know she crams oreos at night).

So will I?

Well not after Easter.

The problem is that my method of going vegan isn't recommended by anyone.  Cold turkey doesn't work.  There's a learning curve not just in how you cook, but physically speaking.  And I crashed right through it, which is bad.  Because it's more likely now that I will gorge myself for Easter.  I'm already struggling.  You may have noticed that my cravings for onion rings have overtaken me.

That said I've learned a lot.  A lot.  You've probably noticed by the information I've been pouring into the blog.  It is amazing just how much animal stuffs are in our food supply.  McDonald's french fries have beef flavoring.  Why?  It's a dang french fry!  All the way to my chai tea bags.  I caught that one because the Kosher symbol said dairy instead of parveve.  It doesn't even list that it used butter fats in the ingredient lists.  I had to look that up on the web.  Why?  Why?  It's chai tea.  That should be spices and tea, right??!!  It actually grosses me out a little bit.  Not to mention that although I'm not a coffee drinker, occasionally I need the caffeine to keep myself going. 

Incidentally I've learned a lot about porridge because that seems to be a staple in the breakfasting diet of vegans.   Porridge is mostly used in the British lexicon.  Americans tend to use the word hot cereal.  Generally though, the Brits tend to eat one kind of porridge so when they say porridge it generally means the oat version.  It's like Southern-Stated Americans version of Coke.  Yes, I know that not all colas or sodas are Coke. I kid you not when I say that I heard at the drive through someone say "a cheeseburger and a coke, please" and the worker responded with "what flavor?" to which the person responded with "Coke."  Because Coke just means any soda in the South.  It's the same in Britain with porridge.  Americans do tend to eat more than just the oat variety so it makes more sense to be more specific with cream of wheat, oat meal, or grits (which is made from corn).  Yes, I know there's more, but that would be an entire blog post and I've already digressed for an entire paragraph discussing why I've had to figure out what some British vegans actually eat for breakfast.  But if you are British, please be kind and say "oat porridge" or whatever.  Saves me the headache of researching hot cereals.

So how will I proceed going forward with my diet?

I'm not sure.  At the very minimum I will change some of my eating habits.  After I finish the box of tea, I'm switching to a brand that doesn't have butter fats in the tea bags.  That's a pretty easy one.  I've also learned that some foods I like better vegan like the vegetarian refried beans and the ranch dressing.  Some foods the change doesn't seem to matter.  Chocolate tastes like chocolate.

After that I think going vegan on Fridays won't be too difficult.  Limiting the amount of animal products and process foods should be gradual.  I'm not sure that I could give up things cold turkey and as my friend said, it's really difficult.  I really really like bacon.  And not even turkey bacon suffices (I really don't get how she can eat it and I've tried a bunch of brands).

Everything in moderation.

What I ate today:
Breakfast: home fries with nutritional yeast and ketchup

Lunch: bagel with avacado and spinach, coconut yogurt

Snack: protein bar

Dinner: ramen (don't judge me. I hate migraines.)

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