Sunday, July 2, 2017

J.R. Liggett's Shampoo Bar Review

I've been looking for a zero waste, easy to pack, inexpensive, good for my hair, minus all the nasty unnecessary chemicals shampoo.  I had heard about shampoo bars and thought that I would give them a go. 

I did some research and noticed that I could go with a local small business shampoo bar or I could try a more nationally distributed one.  Since it's my first go round with shampoo bars, I decided to go with something that is well known and has had many reviews already.

You can purchase JR Liggett's Shampoo Bar practically anywhere online where health products are sold.  Some local stores may carry it, but the closest store to me requires me to travel across town which seems a bit overkill considering the number of health food stores in my area.  So I decided to go to the source.

JR Liggett's allows you to purchase two bars of shampoo and they will pay for domestic shipping costs.  The bars cost 7.49 USD each. I purchased the bars and began using the original formula in March.

The bars I chose were the original formula bar and jojoba & peppermint bar.  The original formula is for normal hair and the other is for permed or colored or curly hair.  The shampoo bars are vegan and contain no detergents.  They are made by hand in the USA.  The product boasts that you can get the same amount of uses with their shampoo as you do with a 24 ounce bottle of liquid shampoo.

This is the packaging it came in.
Although the bars themselves are wrapped in simple paper, the shipping package had plastic bubble wrap and used clear plastic tape to adhere the label.  I would say that's a zero waste fail.  Perhaps the solution would be to ask JR Liggett's to switch to different type envelope.  There are envelopes made with shredded paper padding.  And to ask that JR Liggett use a paper tape instead.  If I were a true zero waster, I might just return the packaging to them.  I still have it.

This is what the bars look like in comparison to regular soap.  That's a Dr. Bronner's bar of soap.  It's partially used.  The shampoo bars are slightly wider to a regular bar of soap, but slightly shorter.  The color of the shampoo bars is the same as the Dr. Bronner's bars. 

So does it work?

Sort of.

Pros: The original bar still smells awesome.  It contains rose essential oil and even after several months of use I can still smell it.  Dr. Bronner's on the other hand after a few uses seems to loose it's smell.

It does last a long time.  I think that I've gone through little over half the bar, and it's July. So money wise it's totally worth it.

I imagine it's easy to take on the plane because it takes very little in the way of space, and there's no liquid involved as it's a solid bar.

Cons: You have to leave the bar in an area to dry out and out of direct water spray similar to a regular soap bar.  Otherwise you end up figuratively washing money down the drain.

Some complain of a learning curve if switching to a shampoo bar.  Your hair may go through a waxy phase at first.  There's also the oddness of rubbing a bar into your hair.

Sometimes my hair still feels rather oily.  There can be many reasons for this.  I don't wash my hair every day.  It could be that my hair is naturally oily and I should use a different formula designed for that.  I find though that this can easily be remedied if periodically I rub it in, rise, and do a repeat.

My hair does feel very soft otherwise.  And I feel like I don't need a conditioner especially since my hair stays fairly oily.

I may try a different brand of shampoo bar or just use a gentle regular soap bar for my hair in the future.  But I'm making it work for now.

My review was totally my own. I paid for the bars out of my own pocket and nobody asked me for a review but I thought I would give one anyway.

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