Thursday, August 10, 2017

Day One of the Job Search aka Back to School

Hi again. So today is the first day back for school.  I'm sure people in other parts of the country are scratching their head and saying "isn't that early."  Not really. There were schools who started last week.

The kids got up okay.  The straggler this year was not HB.  It was Knee.  It's like they've role reversed.  While HBs behavior has improved tremendously over the summer, Knee has turned to excessive whining.  *suffering sigh*

We walked over to school and ran into the resource teacher for HB.  She explained that this year they plan on doing a seperate morning activity with her sensory sensitive students and one in the afternoon.  The morning one would be a circle activity and sensory related thing to start the day on a good foot.  Then they'll be returned to their classroom.  And in the afternoon when I'm to pick him up from her where they'll do a review of the day and give awards for good behavior.  I think it sounds fantastic.  She told him to meet her in room 3.

Well we walked Knee over to his classroom and got him settled.  Then we went over to HB's classroom teacher and got him straightened out.  In the process I realized that I had accidentally dropped paper work.  HB simply walked out the door and left.  So Hubby and I went frantically around the school looking for him.

He ended up going to room 3 instead of waiting for us to say good-bye or anything.  Needless to say we talked to him about needing to communicate with people and not simply taking off.  He was fine, but it was a bit heart pounding for a few minutes.  He did apologize.

Hubby went on to work and I walked home to do some light cleaning.  Then I drove over to one of the closest job resource centers in my area.  It's run by a non-profit.

You see I haven't had to do job interviews or put together a resume in nearly 10 years.  So as you can imagine, I'm a little rusty.  I'm so rusty that I feel fortunate that I still have hard copies of my old resumes because I'm pretty sure the digital copies won't work on current computer software.  There there's the process of job searching and online applications.  It's a more and more common thing for it to be all electronic.

So the volunteer there was extremely helpful.  He's retired from the federal government and worked in the HR department.  He set me to the task of writing a first draft of a resume and making an online account for job searches.  He also told me that if I needed to I could do mock interviews with him or other volunteers as well.

I spent about 2.5 hours there working on getting back into the swing of things.  So we'll see.  Hopefully I can start sending in job applications tomorrow.

So how are things with you?

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