Sunday, November 26, 2017

Joining the 21st Century

Wow, it's been a while. I've been a bit busy because I've been substituting. But that's a discussion for another day.

People in real life know that I cringe about spending money. My husband tells two stories about my frugality while we were dating. One is where I went out with a bunch of girls to Bath and Body Work in the mall.  When we returned, my then boyfriend watched as the rest of the girls were unpacking lotions and potions. "What did you buy?" he asked me. I showed him a small sized lotion you can fit in your purse. "It cost 2 dollars," I shrugged. "That's my girl," boyfriend/hubby chirped cheerfully.

Yep, that's me. So for a very long time we've used one television. It's a dinosaur tube television 32 inches and very heavy. It was Hubby's tv and he estimates that he's had it about 15 years. Despite how old it is, we still managed to get broadcast tv stations and hook up gaming systems and a dvd player to it.

Over the summer, we visited family and when we got back, the tv didn't turn on and gave off a really awful smell.  "I think it's finally died," he said. But then hours later, it came back and on and has refused to give up the ghost.

Meanwhile, over Thanksgiving I tried fruitlessly to pull up the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade over broadcast. The remote, equally as old, refused to switch over from the devices channel thingy (I'm not sure if you remember having to use some special button for that). There was no way to do so at the tv itself. The remote looked like it was working but even with switching batteries from a remote I knew that worked, it wasn't budging. It had died.

"Well," said Hubby. "We can try and look for a compatible remote, but that's going to be hard since this thing is so old. Or we can buy a new television. I think we should just get a new tv since this one died over the summer. What do you want to do?"

He had a point. So with great reluctance, I agreed to join the 21st century in terms of television technology and purchase a flat screen.

And now we have a roku tv.  After hitting the Black Friday sales, Hubby found a tv he liked, bought it, and set it up. So here are a few of my thoughts. Wow the picture is fantastic.  And Wow, it's sooo easy to spend a ton of money if you aren't careful. One set up of a credit card and bam, you can rack up a hefty debt watching movies through the internet.

So we agreed not to set up a credit card on the tv. We've managed to download a lot of free content like EWTN.  We also still have Netflix, which is of course something we pay for. And that's my advice for those who want to be a tight wad like myself but upgrade (or more likely have already upgraded to the 21st century). Don't put your credit card on your tv. Fight that temptation to use 1-click technology. 

This is particularly true if you've got children. HB has already gotten into trouble for downloading content onto the PS3. The first time we didn't realize that he could easily 1-click since we password protect everything.  The second time, even after we thought we removed the card, he defied us and stole and downloaded content. Don't worry. We had a loooong discussion on stealing, breaking the commandments, and how he'd have to do work around the house to pay us back. So he scrubbed some bathrooms and learned the hard way that no matter how obsessed he is with games, he can't buy things without permission.

Needless to say, I'm kinda miss the old tube tv because I like it being impossible to purchase anything through it, but I'm also kinda glad that we have the new tv because it makes accessing free stuff easier like EWTN (did I mention EWTN? You can get EWTN on your tv for free!!! And now they have EWTN on demand!!!!!). 

So I guess, welcome to the 21st century family?!?!? 😓

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