Monday, January 8, 2018

100 Things Gone- Postponed!!! AKA Sicky Edition

So the update....

On Thursday I ran HB to one of those Minute Clinics. He had been vomiting the day before. She ruled out the flu and thought it was a virus of some sort based on the symptoms. His fever was 99 and he was a little bouncy.

But then that night/early morning the vomiting returned in full force. His fever spiked. I moved him to the couch at 5 am and gave him Tylenol. At about 9, I went to move him so he could sleep in a bed.

And that's when I completely freaked out. I had given him Tylenol because his fever had been 104 and he was still warm. He was down to 101. But what freaked me out was the rash.  It covered him head to toe.  I was panicking. This is not good.

I called my husband because I couldn't think straight enough. I needed an outside voice to present me with a course of action. In the end, I called his pediatrician's office and cried on the phone with the receptionist. "I can't get his fever under control and he's not drinking water. I'm keeping him hydrated with ice chips only." 

The nurse was less impressive when she called back. "Some fevers have rashes." Mmm kay. "If he's dehydrated he'll have to go to urgent care to get a IV"  Yeah, IV with a kid with autism...that's not gonna go well. She finally agreed to fit me in in an hour.

And there we were. HB literally walked in, sat in a chair, and threw up. I was talking across the room to the receptionist to get checked in. His brother had to hand over our paper work.

The doctor took one look at him and said "I know what this is. And thankfully this isn't the flu because that's trickier to treat. This is scarlet fever. I can fix that, but just to be sure we're going to have to take a swab."

The swab was difficult. The nurse held his head, I held his arms, the doc did the swab, and Knee held a bowl in case he gagged and threw up. The doctor told us we needed to get him hydrated before urgent care closed or we would have to take him in.  She figured a dose of antibiotics would turn things around.

And oh, boy it did.  He went from looking awful and feeling awful to demanding to eat pizza when he could go back to a normal diet.

Scarlet fever is nothing to mess with. It's strep throat on steroids (not literally but you get the point). Not only is the bacteria causing throat issues it's dumping poison into your skin which is why you get a rash and a high fever. It's really uncommon now but highly contagious.  And if you don't treat it, it can lead to all sorts of lovely complications involving your organs. So I was right to panic.

My husband who listened to me hysterical on the phone thought that I was being a bit over the top because he'd already seen a nurse....until he got home....and looked at HB....and went "woah, he really does look awful."  And it was only in a matter of hours.

And this is why I haven't finished the challenge.  I'm strung out and tired and had to call out from work. It has not been our holiday.

Oh, and the car.  Yeah had to replace the radiator. It had a crack in it. Can we have a Christmas season do over?

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