Wednesday, January 24, 2018

An Update

HB is doing so much better. He was drinking lots of water but then he stopped. It's causing his intestines to back up again. I keep reminding him to drink more. The day before yesterday I had him watch a video about why we need to each fruits and vegetables. He's heard about the importance of fiber and how it keeps his stomach from hurting (along with the water). So yesterday he proudly told me about his attempts to eat an orange. I call it a win. For now he's still on Myra-lax. I don't think it has anything to the autistic-gut problem connection that so many autistics face. I think it's his diet and the fact that since it's been cooler he's not been drinking water at school. 

Knee is going to be tested similarly to HB's battery of tests at school. Mainly the psychologist wants to figure out how he thinks. If she sees that there's a huge difference between how he thinks and what his grades are, then he has a learning disorder. If there's an issue in how he thinks, it's a undetermined developmental disorder. Technically he already has a developmental disorder in his speech and language area. His speech teacher says that even though he does have a frontal lisp, it's really the development (or rather lack of) that's causing his speech problems.  And speech is often the first sign of some sort of disorder. Knee doesn't have hearing issues and he didn't have problems with his ears (like multiple ear infections) so it's something else. I'm pretty positive of this.  He's way behind his class. If he is found to have an underlining learning issue, then they'll update his IEP and he'll receive modifications such as permanently being assigned to the reading lab and being taken out of class to work one-on-one with the SpEd teacher. It is unusual at this point to say a kindergartner has a learning disability but since I've been around with HB, I pick up warning signs real early these days. I just rather him get early intervention now rather than watch him slip further behind and struggle to catch up.

As for me, I've been a rather popular substitute teacher. I keep getting requests from people all the time now. I enjoy working with the middle school/junior high age group. I like my job for now because it's flexible and I don't have to take any work home with me (unlike regular teachers who grade, have conferences, after school stuff, etc). Work is very steady. I work full time. The downside is I don't get any benefits or perks. So as the kids get older and more self-sufficient then I think I'll start working toward becoming a certified teacher probably as 1st-8th grade.

Hubby is also adjusting to me working fairly well. I was expecting it to be more difficult, but minus a few small discussions he's been okay with having to shoulder more responsibilities particularly of the child kind. You have to understand that he's not used to taking off work for a sick child or talking to teachers regularly. Until this year, he's never met the kids' pediatrician. I imagine that it's a bit like a 1960s revolution. Women went from being home all day to suddenly holding down full time jobs and balancing children. For the record, it was his idea that I go back to work. I wasn't trying to "liberate" myself or anything like that. That doesn't mean though it's been easy because it hasn't been. But it's nice to not have to take the kids to school anymore.

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