Monday, April 9, 2018

Chagrin Valley Soap: A Review

Normally, I wouldn't be posting because I'd be at work. But today the only assignment available starts after lunch. The family is doing well. HB's therapy has resumed and his behavior has improved quite a bit at school. This may have to do with the new behavior plan in place for him and it might have to do with therapy resuming and it might have to do with me taking a long term sub position that was also half days through the month of March. Therefore I was able to take him to school and pick him up afterwards instead of him being sent to after care for an hour or so.  Knee is doing well. He started getting an hour/ 4 days a week of small group classes in addition to his speech therapy that he receives. I think it's already helped him significantly in this less than a month time because he seems to be getting letters better, he's spontaneously wanted to read a book, and he's been writing things.

But you're not here for all that. You're here for the review. So here's the review:

Many months ago I did some digging for a zero waste option for shampoos. I discovered a small-sized company that makes all sorts of zero waste things including shampoo bars. I decided to get some samples before committing to something that I hated.

 The samples came in little brown paper wrappings. The full sized versions come in a box.

Here are the samples outside of the bags. They are neem & tea tree oil, charcoal, and some sort of butter type. My hair is actually great, but my scalp is another beast. I'm prone to dandruff and oily buildup. It's really bad. My hairbrush looks awful. And you'd think "Oh, well then, get something extra strength. That'll fix it." Um, I wish. If I do that, it causes my scalp to be great and my hair to look limp and lifeless because it's terribly dry and prone to breaking. So you see, dear friends, if there was a magical way to get my oily scalp to get further down my hair shaft than just the folicles I'd be set. In any case, my hair looks like a grease trap at the scalp and dry as the Sahara at the bottom.

Needless to say, I need a shampoo that can deal with my head. And this is the best zero waste option I've found so far. The neem & tea tree oil are awesome. They help kill whatever fungus grows on my scalp which causes the dandruff (yes, you have fungus and bacteria all over your body. This is normal. If I grossed you out, I'm sorry.)  The charcoal does the same thing. The butter stuff is I'm sure really great for dry hair/dry scalp, but it was awful for my hair.

So when I reordered I ordered the neem & tea tree oil one. My routine is that I go a couple of days between washes. I wait until the oil on my head is really greasy so my hair tips don't miss out on some moisture. Then I kill off the fungus by lathering up my head while paying attention to scrubbing my scalp. Then I repeat the process. If I don't repeat the process, I won't have stripped all the excess oil out of my hair.  My hair will be only partially cleaned. This seems to be the best way to maintain fluffy hair without looking like I walked through a fryer.

I also bought their winter soap (which is only available in winter) because my skin is dry. Always dry if I regularly shower (which I need to do or I smell. Joys of being an adult). That stuff is fantastic. Dr. Bronner's was leaving my back area especially dry and itchy. But their winter soap hasn't been a problem at all. My skin remains moisturized without being smelly.

So check out Chagrin Valley Soaps if you are struggling to find something that works with your weird skin issues (or normal skin issues). You won't be disappointed. And no, nobody sent me a free sample or asked me to review them. I needed something that worked for me. I liked that you could search for your specific needs and could easily find what you needed on their website so I ordered their product to test on myself. Turns out that they really do know their soaps. That's the only reason why I wanted to let you know about their company. I doesn't hurt that they use zero waste packaging, are family-owned (subsidiarity, Catholic people!), and make everything in the USA.

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