Tuesday, July 24, 2018

100 Things Gone Challenge: Summer Edition

Yesterday, I decided that it was time for another declutter edition. The summer is actually the best time to do it. My kiddos return to school on August 9th. My house is full of school supplies. It's time to get ready for the start of school. So I've gone through our supply of over-the-counter medicines.


Yes, medicines. Even though my kids have been interacting with peers all summer long, the start of school brings in interactions with classmates who they haven't seen all summer. Thus it's likely they will be picking up viruses and bacteria. It's important to know what medicines we have and what's expired.

I also went through my basket of toiletries since they are both located in the same spot and declutter that as well.

Here's what I'm getting rid of...

So the top part is trash. It's empty boxes and random bits of junk because my kids leave their band aid wrappings in there for some reason.

The blue and white thing is a for sinks. It helps make the water come out further so little kids can wash their hands easier. My kids are bigger so they don't need it. Donation it is.

 All the bottles and boxes are expired, very soon to expire (and in that time won't be used), or not labeled with an expiration date. The brown bottle came without it's label, and I can't find it's box. Weird I know because they are supposed to have a label. So I'm just gonna toss. I know it's cough syrup with other ingredients, but rather than risk an over dose or giving my kids an expired drug, I'm just gonna toss it.

The razor and blades don't match each other. Nobody is using it and I wouldn't pass it on to anyone else for sanitary reasons. It's really old so I doubt I can find the right blades. Therefore trash it is. I hate doing that. We do have a ton of disposable razors, and after I'm done with those, I plan on switching to a traditional safety razor. Then I won't have to worry about finding the right blades.

This haul is roughly 20 things. I'm sure you can join my challenge, and find 20 things in your medicines and toiletries that have expired.

Tomorrow I plan on tackling my medicine cabinets and possibly my junk drawer to find 20 more things. 20 things for five days is my goal. Let's do this and get rid of 100 things.

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