As the Blog Tag Line suggests, this blog is about the ins and frequent outs of the Domestic Church.  What is the Domestic Church?  Simply put it is the early church's description of family.  And we all know that family life is always interesting....This is about my personal domestic church and how we wade through and view life.  Please feel free to leave comments, but keep in mind that this is a personal/opinion blog.

Also important to know.  I do not share my real name or real names of others unless they are deceased.  I don't give age or locations.  I also do not post pictures of my family online (except the cats, shots that do not include their faces, or very old pictures where the person is virtually unidentifiable).  All other photos are real.  I do this for security reasons and respect for others identities.  If you truly want to know who I am, read the blog.

Who we are:
Deltaflute (me the Blogger)

Hubby aka Dr. Hubs (my husband)

HB (my son) born 2010

Knee or Brothie (my other son) born 2011

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