Boycott 'Made in China' Goods

Reasons to Boycott "Made in China" Goods
1) Safety- there have been toys testing positive for lead paint and tainted dog food

2) China frequently imprisons political dissidents who want democracy in China

3) China has hacked into Google and continues to pose a threat to security in the Pentagon

4) China is placing long range missiles to target Japan, Taiwan, the Phillipines, and Guam

5) China dominates the Yellow Sea

6) China sends spys to the United States

7) China invaded and continues to occupy Tibet destroying its culture.

8) China lays claim to Taiwan despite the Taiwanese having an independent government.

9) China is a Communist country with only one political party.

10) China heavily restricts religious freedom.

11) China heavily restricts freedom of speech and information.

12) Many American companies have set up shop in China leaving the US factory worker without a job.

13) China has a one-child only policy. This forces Chinese to make the painful decision to abort or have to support another child on their own.

14) Unfair labor conditions for the average Chinese worker

15) Selling products made by prisoners in forced labor camps which is against international law

16) The Chinese Communist party continues to violate it's own laws including laws which are against the disappearance of people

17) Environment- there is speculation from the international community that chemicals are not properly disposed of

18) CCP is increasingly suspicious of all foreign entities including charitable organizations which has virtually shut many of them down

19) Human trafficking- because of the one-child policy the population is largely male so a number of women are forceably brought into the country for prostitution and as brides- the CCP is aware and does nothing

20) Children are stolen or kidnapped by government officials, brought to orphanages, and then "bought" by adoptive parents

21) Development in traditional Uyghur regions have left Uyghurs, a cultural minority in China, displaced

22) China considers all N. Korean refugees to be economic migrants and against international policy sends them back to N. Korea for repatriation if they enter China

23) Because of the One-Child policy and traditional Chinese practices, boys are favored over girls causing a wide-spread disparity in the number of boys born and girls killed or abandoned.

24) Cloning- China is the world's largest producer of "fakes" or knock-off products, cloning- or passing on a product as something it isn't, and pirating.  Don't believe me?  I can show you the proof.

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